Interesting places to visit during your trip to Coorg

Interesting places to visit during your trip to Coorg

Coorg is a picturesque hill station located in Karnataka, South India. It is also referred to as India’s Scotland. It is known for its beauty and attracts people from all over the world. You can enjoy the pristine nature here and choose the Tamara Coorg for your stay for the entire trip.

Top places that should be part of your Coorg itinerary

  • Talacauvery: It is considered to be River Kaveri’s source and witnesses tourists in huge numbers flocking to this place. The holy spring here is claimed to be the river’s origin point. Special rites are performed here to celebrate the gushing of the water from the spring at a particular time. This holy place does have religious significance among pilgrims and casual tourists alike. It is accessible from 6 am to 8.30 pm and entry is free to all tourists. It is located at Kodagu, Bhagamandala, Brahmagiri Hills. 
  • Abbey Falls: In Coorg, the term Abbi or Abbey means waterfall. It is quite mesmerizing and located amidst the lush coffee plantations. With time, the number of tourist traffic visiting this place seems to have increased manifolds. The reason is that it boasts of having numerous interesting sights around. Its scintillating weather, combined with pleasant temperature and cool breeze is what makes this place quite inviting and welcoming. It is accessible from 9 am to 5 pm. There is an entry fee per person. It is located at Hebettageri, Madikeri. 
  • Namdroling Monastery: This place offers an unmatched sightseeing experience something you should not miss out. The famous monastery has walls adorned with gold detailing. Namdroling is also referred to as the Golden Temple of the South. You should visit the Tibetan monastery that boasts of having paintings depicting demons, gods, culture along with certain phases in the life of Buddha. Tibetan architecture can be noticed here, while the monastery reflects the beauty of the art in the Coorg area. This monastery is open from 7 am to 8 pm and entry is free to all tourists. It is located at Arlikumari, Bylakuppe, Mysore. 
  • Nagarhole National Park: This park is among the country’s popular wildlife reserves due to its diverse flora & fauna. The park hosts about 270+ recorded bird species besides numerous animal species. Since it experiences pleasant weather throughout the year, tourists can visit here during any month of their choice. It is open from 6 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 6.30 pm. There is an entry fee to be paid by all foreign nationals to enter the park. Separate charges are taken for using the camera. It is located at Kodagu.
  • Tadiandamol Peak: It is among the stars that should be visited by tourists of all ages. It is Coorg’s highest mountain peak, at a height of about 1748m. Although it has a difficult trail, reaching its top and getting an aerial view of the place is quite mesmerizing. Nature enthusiasts are sure to love this place and can capture images in different angles. The beauty of the green meadows combined with the never-ending blue skies tends to paint that picture-perfect scenery that is worth watching. It is located at Kakkabe. 
  • White River Rafting at Barapole River: River Barapole is a popular spot to enjoy white river rafting. The adrenaline rush combined with excitement and thrill is quite high, such that it tempts adventure seekers to come here repeatedly. Moreover, the lovely landscapes and white rapids provide an amazing river rafting experience. You can also check out Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary close by. White water rafting is quite reasonably priced here. 
  • Raja’s Seat: It was once the popular relaxing destination for Kodagu (Coorg) kings. Local visitors can be noticed here in huge numbers coming especially from nearby Bangalore to have a weekend vacation or to enjoy their picnic. You can get to see the breathtaking views of this beautiful garden along with the enclosing mountain range. Its popularity and beauty is quite unparalleled. It is accessible between 8 am and 9 pm. There is an entry fee to be paid per person for visiting the park, car parking charges, and enjoying the toy train ride. It is located at Madikeri, Stuart Hill. 
  • Iruppu Falls: This freshwater waterfall is located amidst Brahmagiri Mountain Range. It is also a revered pilgrimage spot as well as an important tourist attraction. The lovely Coorg weather weaves pleasant magic that is felt pulsating across the environs of this enchanting place. Moreover, the romantic aura makes it a top spot for couples to be. Water in the waterfalls increases during the monsoons and the surroundings have lush greenery, a real treat for sore eyes. this place is accessible between 8 am and 7 pm. It is located at South Kodagu, Kurchi Village. 
  • Madikeri Fort: It is a majestic fort that was constructed during the 17th century using mud by Muddu Raja. Later it got reconstructed between the years 1812 and 1814 using brick & mortar. You can find here stone elephants that are of life-size flanking its entrance. It highlights the fort’s beauty. This place is just bewitching. A pleasant day will only make the trip all the more memorable captured through your smartphone. It is accessible between 10 am and 5.30 pm. This fort is located at Madikeri. 
  • Nilakandi Falls: It is located amongst the lush, tropical forests. Lovely freshwater gushes down the fall. You can get to enjoy the surrounding views and the serene quiet place. It is also a wonderful vacation spot frequented by visitors in thousands throughout the year. It is located close to Kabbinakad Junction, in the Western Ghats. 
  • Omkareshwara Temple: This temple is worth being part of your Coorg itinerary. It was constructed in 1820 by Lingarajendra to show his dedication to his god Lord Shiva. There is a small water tank within the premises of this temple home to sacred freshwater fish. This temple is open to pilgrims and tourists alike from 6.30 am to 12 noon and 5 pm to 8 pm. It is located at Stuart Hill, Madikeri. 

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