Innovative Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Innovative Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Simply because you do not have a kitchen big enough to fit in a six-burner stove, a double-bowl sink or a dining table, it does not mean you will have to compromise on style or functionality. 

We have laid down some simple, yet stylish small kitchen designs which will help you to max out space in your kitchen.

Innovative Small kitchen design ideas

Compact Storage

Make use of the empty space to store your kitchen appliances – it isn’t always necessary to have huge cabinets. You can use the available space on the wall by mounting rows of racks from ceiling to floor.

Use the windowsill, or recess by hanging the choicest of sturdy buckets or hang packets and herbs in pots.
For draping towels, use S-hooks or drape them over a bar.

Small Yet Mighty Appliances

It’s not just space that gives a unique touch to your kitchen – it’s also the appliances you keep in it. To get a chic look, get rid of the vintage pieces of apparatus and bring in some contemporary ones which are smaller in size, but doesn’t compromise on style.

High-end makers also understand the current need, and they are also into making small yet grand appliances.

Compact Sink

Do you know a simple change from a double-bowl sink to a single-bowl sink can make a lot of difference? It will give you space for an extra counter. And some also comes in a stylish farmhouse style which still looks spacious enough.

But, a single-bowl sink only looks neat when you do not have a dishwasher in the kitchen. In the absence of a dishwasher, it is better to go for the double-bowl sink as it gives space for both washing and dirty dishes.

Storage Helpers

In a small kitchen, it is highly possible that you have exhausted all the cupboards, but don’t lose hope! You can use internal storage solutions such as wire racks which you can pull out of the corners or slim cabinets which do not occupy much space or use the drawer dividers for keeping spoons, plates, pans, or spices.

Use mobile storage such as a trolley which you can shift according to your need, or small baskets stuffed with spices which you can mount on top of the cupboards.

Clean and Tidy

A very simple technique of designing your small kitchen is to keep it clutter-free and clean. Instead of closed cabinets, have open ones. They will make your kitchen look bigger, but you need to maintain them really well.

Remove the items which you do not use, and shove the ones off in some closed cupboards which you use once in a quarter.

Have small baskets on your work surface to keep small items such as the knife, and wooden spoons which you often need in your kitchen.


Your choice of colors has a significant role to play in the overall kitchen design. Mild colors such as off-white not only goes well with any pieces of appliances but, it also gives a spacious look to your kitchen. Try to congest it with too many wallpapers and paintings – even if you have an artistic bend, keep it modest!  

Consider using frosted glass cabinet doors, and worktops of white stone or stainless-steel.

Undermount Sink 

In case you are really running short of space, try saving every inch possible and use the under-mount sink. With the edge of the sink being hidden, you will sneak out a dash of space for an extra workspace on the counter beside the sink.

And it will add some chic and innovative look to the kitchen too.  

Island Cabinetries

The island cabinetries have multiple benefits – they are portable, compact, break the monotony, and can be used as a table too. Some are spacious enough to store a sink, stove, prep space, and still have some space for your necessary utensils. During your friends’ get together, when your kitchen might run short of space, you simply need to push this island cabinetry to your backyard and enjoy some outdoor cooking and chatting with your friends, without having to recreate an outdoor kitchen.  

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