Ingredients for a Perfect Interior Designing Portfolio!

Ingredients for a Perfect Interior Designing Portfolio!

A portfolio is the backbone of a creative head, as it depicts what you’re capable of doing! t’s a story of your blood, sweat, talents, and triumphs. It is what you created till now – basically, all that your brand represents – so, be proud of it. Also, this is what you take along with you to get new work and more clients. You obviously want your story to be the best one! A portfolio that can impress at first sight! And this isn’t impossible!

An interior designer’s portfolio means bringing out the collection of your best and latest work. It is your opportunity to get your designing skills showed off well by getting them showcased in your portfolio. It should speak volumes of your work in creating magical interiors by just one look at it. After all, no one would give you a free hand on their home worth millions (and some more millions to spend on it for the interior work) without being sure about your creativity, capability, and skills. A great portfolio is essential to get good work.

How to Create a Perfect Interior Designing Portfolio?

There should also be good content in your interior design portfolio for the clients to look through and have a better understanding of your work without your need to explain. Also, there should be some essential points that you can elaborate on if you are called for an interview about the same. Basically, think of your portfolio as a stage wherein all the attention is on you. This is where you have to perform and flaunt your best design attributes in order to impress the judging panel – a.k.a. the clients. For this, you have to read on to find out how to make your portfolio stand out!

  • Get it Clicked Astoundingly — A portfolio, though has other things as well, but puts utmost emphasis on the pictures in it. The more magical your photographs of the work you have done are, the more impressed your onlookers would be! So, always make a point to contact the Best photographer in Wolverhampton like Andy Gore Photography to click your interior design photographs for you. They click perfect pictures bringing to life your alluring creation, portraying your talent beautifully. These captivating pictures are going to be the deciding factor during a client pitch ultimately.
  • Introduce Yourself Well —  Introduction makes a lot of difference. Let them know a bit about you. Make sure they read about your passion and dedication to your work. Talk about your education, experience, and creativity. Your introduction section impacts your selection — make sure it is catchy and impressive.
  • Select Your Work Carefully — Since it’s your portfolio, it should be having only your best work in it. We know each of your design is a baby for you, and you love it just like a mother. But, think from a client’s perspective, and decide which of your work would portray the best of your capability. Select only the exceptional ones, and gather them in your portfolio. Give your clients the best to choose from!
  • Be Authentic and to the Point — No matter how much you’ll be tempted to get some designs of google or Pinterest to be portrayed in your portfolio — never do that! Let only your originality speak for you, even though you can create an exact copy of the ones you have googled. Let your authenticity be your voice and never try to put in a copied matter in your portfolio. Also, remember your client may not have all the time in the world to go through a voluminous portfolio, so make sure that it has only a limited but all the important information that your client should know about in it. Cut the crap and unnecessary matters, and make it to the point.
  • Show the Story — There’s a story behind each of your designs. Each of the interior work speaks of all the preferences listed to you by the client; it has the story behind the choice of colors and a reason behind every object placed. Never forget to mention that with your work. But you know the rule; it shouldn’t be a long essay of the same. Just let the client visualize the entire scenario behind those designs but in precise words.
  • Give the References — Your previous work obviously had some clients’ names attached to it. Never forget to mention that in the end – and that too, proudly! Ask your clients if they are okay to share their reviews in your portfolio.
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