Impulse Shopping

Impulse Shopping

It just happens, you find yourself out for a coffee with a friend and before you know it you’re on an impulse shopping trip and your credit card is feeling weary. Here’s how to go impulse shopping without breaking the bank.

1. Try it onWe’ve all done it. Bought an item on impulse without trying it on. Once home the item doesn’t fit or suit and you end up forgetting to return in. Come on, admit it, you’ve done it, you know you have. Try before buying in order to cut down on clutter and save your precious pennies for something important, useful or beautiful.

2. Visualise Can you picture yourself wearing the item to a specific event or even teaming it with 5 other items currently in your wardrobe? Even if the dress is only a tenner think about the cost per wear and the outfits you can put together before taking it to the till.

3. Expense isn’t always badYou’ve found the most beautiful, classic LBD in the world. You know for a fact you can dress it up and down and it goes with every pair of shoes, handbag and jacket you’ve ever owned and yet the price tag is bothering you. If you can honestly afford it, go for it. I believe in investing in staple pieces that will last you a life time. My mother (aged 54) is still wearing a classic Chanel suit she bought 25 years ago.

4. Till TemptationDon’t be suckered in by till side displays. Lots of thought has been put into tempting you into a last-minute-no-thought purchase. If you really think you like it, step out of the pressured queue situation to consider the item more carefully.

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5. On The CardsWhatever you do don’t spend on your cards, be it a debit card, store card (there are SO many reasons why you shouldn’t have one of those) or a credit card. Take cash out of the ATM. I always hold back a little more when spending cash than I do with my card. With cash you can see yourself handing the money over, you can see your monthly budget dwindling before your very eyes.

6. The ListTaking a list with you when you go shopping is something you can easily do on a planned trip but with impulse shopping it seems impossible. However I keep a small list in my purse of things I need. It currently features the following –

All with exact sizes and measurements. Now this might seem anal beyond belief but when I’m scooping up yet another tea set in a charity shop, I’ll stop, have a look at my list and pray for sanity to be restored.
If you do find something you think you need, check the measurements etc. (most shops will be able to find you a tape measure if needs be.)

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