Importance of Biology in School Curriculum

Importance of Biology in School Curriculum

Since from our higher classes.i.e from class 8 we all have an additional and interesting subject called biology. 

What is Biology?

Biology is a natural science, which is all about human life and other living organisms around us. Biology also provides information about the benefits of the environment, plants, animals, birds, insects, microbes, along with their evolution.

It explains in detail about the existence of life on the earth, how did humans evolve, how do we get food from plants, how do animals move, breathe, reproduce, and a lot more.

The study of biology has helped many scientists in discovering the structure and functions of different organs in the human body, DNA structure, the importance of genes, genome, different techniques used in food technology,  main causes of diseases, mode of infections, medications, along with different methods of prevention and eradication of diseases.

Biology is not only about the study of life and the human body. It also deals with the study of microorganisms, environment, plants, animals, different types of infectious diseases,  etc. Apart from all these points, there is a lot more information to learn in biology. It has many disciplines and sub-disciplines including, anatomy, botany, zoology, evolution, genetics, biotechnology, microbiology, immunology, ornithology, etc.

The Necessity of Biology in Schools

The main view of introducing biology in the school curriculum is to help kids to learn more in detail about the human body parts, name, functions and their importance and lot more.

Biology is a study of life and living organisms. To learn more about living organisms and other important facets of biology, we all should have a basic foundation about the subject. It has made a great contribution to the existence of life on earth, Therefore, this subject is introduced in all higher classes, which helps in building a strong foundation of the subject. 

There is some more importance of biology for students, which are as follows:

Biology explains the different parts of the human body. Today, with the knowledge of biology, we all are able to know about the different metabolic activities that take place within the living cells.

Biology teaches us about the plants and how they can be beneficial to us and also about the different biological processes, life cycle and importance of photosynthesis.

Small, minute living organisms, which are present all around us are called microorganisms or microbes. Learning biology enables us to gain knowledge about millions of other living creatures, from microorganisms to huge mammals. It also explains how to classify different organisms into different groups based on their body structures, features and other habitats, how microbes are grouped into different kingdoms, beneficial microbes, classification of bacteria, and also about the different infectious diseases caused by these pathogens.

Biology is a vast subject, which describes different features of living and non-living things, about the human body anatomy, which includes different types of cells, tissues, muscular system, types of teeth, types of joints, types of organs and how our organ functions to keep us healthy and alive.

Today, with the help of Biology, we all are aware of different types of nutrition, their required quantity, along with the sources and benefits including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats, for a healthy lifestyle.

Last but not least. One of the main advantages of learning biology is to understand how nature benefits humans. In this subject, we can learn about the different sources of food, both from plants and animals, including milk, meat, eggs, etc.

By introducing this subject in the school syllabus, students can build their career based on their interests and in future, we can have several scientists, doctors, medical advisors,  and other professions serving for our nation. 

This was a brief introduction to the importance of Biology in the school curriculum. To learn more about the Biology, career prospects and Biology related topics, visit us at BYJU’S BIOLOGY and also learn more by watching Biology related videos by subscribing to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel.


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