How to Wear Necklaces With Style and Ease

Have you ever spent days planning an outfit only to discover that it was missing something as soon as you put it on?

That something could be a necklace!

Wearing a necklace can draw attention to your face and neckline while adding some personality to your outfit! However, you may not know how to wear a necklace or what kind of necklaces are appropriate for which occasions.

If you’re wondering how to wear necklaces, here are some simple things you can try!

Choose Something Simple

For an everyday look, you want to choose something that won’t draw too much attention, but will still complete your outfit. Something simple like a thin chain can add some color and catch the light, making you look a little more put together. Just make sure your necklace is clean and in good condition so it doesn’t take away from your outfit!

Silver jewelry can help you easily achieve a simple and sophisticated look perfect for work. It pairs with polished outfits and goes well with a myriad of colors. You just have to learn a few tips about styling your silver jewelry depending on your clothing and other jewelry.

Make a Statement

If your outfit or the occasion call for it, a statement necklace can be a necessity! Statement pieces include any necklace that’s large, colorful, or otherwise draws attention to itself. Adding one to your outfit can really make you stand out!

If the point of your outfit is to stand out, then go all out! But if you want to avoid going over-the-top, try pairing your statement necklace with a simple outfit. This will also help your statement piece pop!

Add Some Flair

If you want to accentuate your personality or mood with your jewelry, your necklace style can help you achieve that goal!

Choker necklaces are perfect for adding attitude to an outfit for a night out on the town. A string of pearls can add a level of class and elegance for an upscale event. Long pendants come in a variety of styles and can add a lot to your outfit.

You can also try stacking a few beautiful necklaces to come up with a unique look that’s all your own!

Pair with Your Other Jewelry

When wearing other jewelry with your necklace, it can sometimes be easy to go overboard. Unless your necklace and earrings are a matching set, you may find it difficult to find some harmony between the two.

When wearing both earrings and a necklace, let one draw attention and the other support the attention-grabbing piece. A statement necklace will look nice with studs or simple drop earrings and a simple chain necklace will allow you to wear more complex earrings.

Always look yourself over in the mirror once you’re done styling to see that you’ve found balance.

How to Wear Necklaces with Style

Now that you know how to wear necklaces, it’s time to spruce up some of your outfits! From statement pieces to chokers, your style is about to get a little more variety!

Be sure to check back regularly for more advice on how to accessorize!

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