How to Turn Scrap Metal into Money

How to Turn Scrap Metal into Money

As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Before throwing away any old ferrous metals turn it into cold hard cash instead. There are plenty of places to look for scrap metal, many pieces that are likely collecting dust in the basement or garage. Find out what you may have laying around and make easy money off old junk.

Types of Scrap Metal to Look For

There are at least 18 different types of metal that we come into regular contact with each day. For the most part, the2 categories of metal that will bring items with selling value are known as:

  •       Ferrous metal, and
  •       Non-ferrous metal

The easiest way to determine if something is made of ferrous metal is to see if a magnet will stick to it. A magnet will only stick to ferrous metal. Non-ferrous metals like copper and brass will not stick to a magnet. Comparatively, depending on the size and type of item, non-ferrous metal is worth more than ferrous metal. Electronic waste like printers and televisions will also bring favorable scrap metal prices that are worth considering.

Ferrous Metal

Start your scrap metal hunt by looking for items made of ferrous metal. Remember to have a magnet handy to do a ferrous metal test on any items of interest. There are many different things big and small that are made of ferrous metal such as:

  •       Microwaves
  •       Filing cabinets
  •       Cast iron
  •       Appliances

Instead of storing old appliances in the basement or tossing away that old cast iron pan, see what it’s worth as scrap metal. Ferrous metal items are not worth as much as non-ferrous items, but everything counts when you can turn your junk into money. 

Non-Ferrous Metal

While rummaging through the attic, basement or garage keep an eye out for anything the qualifies as non-ferrous metal. Items that are non-ferrous metal are typically more valuable and made of elements like copper, brass, aluminium, lead, tungsten or zinc. Keep an eye out for old things laying around like:

  •       Copper or aluminum cables
  •       Pots and pans
  •       Brass faucets
  •       Drainpipes

The easiest way to test if a something metal is non-ferrous is to use the magnet test. If a magnet does not stick to metal there is a good chance that it is non-ferrous, and worth putting in your pile of scrap metal to sell. Holding on to those old pots and pans or pieces of copper cable turned out to be a smart move in terms of being a more valuable piece of scrap metal.

Other Junk to Sell as Scrap

Before heading out to recycle your old scrap metal for money, go through your old electronics to see if there’s anything that will qualify as E-waste. Local scrap metal yards may accept E-waste items, such as:

  •       Printers
  •       Speakers and amplifiers
  •       VCRS and DVD players

The list goes on, so make sure to bring any old electronics when you make a trip to the scrap metal yard to turn your junk into cold hard cash.

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