How To Save Money With Your Social Media Accounts

How To Save Money With Your Social Media Accounts

It seems like everyone has a social media presence these days but Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr (I could go on all day) aren’t just about networking or letting your friends know about the sandwich you had for lunch. Your social media accounts could save you money!

How To Save Money With Social Media

Only a foolish business forgoes a social media profile these days and the savviest amongst them share discount codes, offers, details of sales and giveaways. On top of using the already supplied discounts in their updates, don’t be shy about asking a question on their Facebook page or tweeting to ask about their current stock. I’ll often tweet to ask a shop if they have any offers or discounts on the items I fancy buying and on a regular basis they’ll reply with free delivery codes, details of an upcoming sale and even a discount code. They want you to spend your money with them and are too happy to make it just that bit easier for you. I don’t just follow and interact with big shops but small local businesses such as bars, salons and restaurants.

As a result of following these local profiles I’m able to dine out at a fantastic discount or try out new cocktails at a fraction of their usual price. Restaurants often tweet when a table suddenly becomes available at the last minute and rather than have the table sitting empty all evening they will offer said table to their followers at a huge discount if the follower is able to get there within 60 minutes. The last time I had my hair coloured at a salon I was able to get around 40% off the normal price by attending a last minute cancelled appointment I spotted on the Instagram profile of a local hairdresser. You don’t have to follow the brands and businesses to save money either. If I’m about to buy something and Google isn’t coming up trumps with a discount code or free postage I’ll use the search functions across various social media platforms. Searching ‘ASOS code’ or ‘John Lewis free p&p’ are my favourites and help me to at least knock a few pound off something I’d already be buying.

Here are a few tips on how to save money with a few of the more popular platforms:

Follow and interact with the brands you love. Make sure you’re following the appropriate account for your country (big companies often have several accounts for various parts of the world) or even follow the local branch of your favourite store. Keep an eye on their tweets but also make sure to ask them questions and make them aware you’re looking to make a purchase if you can find a good deal. Keep your tweets snappy and to the point. Make sure you utilise the Twitter search function simply by typing in the name of the brand or shop you want to save with followed by the words ‘discount’, ‘voucher’ or ‘free p&p’. Your search query will be greeted with tweets from customers who have tweeted codes they have found, stores tweeting new codes or sales and voucher websites sharing what they have to offer.

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Much like Twitter make sure you’re following the brands you love but make sure you interact with them rather than just observe. You may have noticed Facebook likes to play a game of hide and seek and you don’t see every update from the people you follow unless you visit their page. You’re more likely however, to see updates if you like status updates, leave a comment and generally engage. Facebook groups are also a fantastic feature to make the most of. You can track down local swap or selling groups for you area or join discount code sharing groups. Many of these are based purely on locality so using the search bar search ‘For sale’ and the name of your city or ‘Facebook car boot’ and the name of your town. A couple of my friends have sold quite a few personal items this way and found it a really easy alternative to things auction sites or small ads.


I view Pinterest as a search tool more than anything else, so if I’m looking for something very specific at a discount price I’ll type in, for instance ‘pink satchel brass handles on sale’ and I’ll find not only wish lists compiled by bloggers but dozens of brands images and details of sales. I find Pinterest useful for finding deals on craft items but I am seeing a lot more interesting interactions from food and clothing brands so I think money saving via Pinterest is only going to get bigger. On top of looking for deals Pinterest is a really easy way to look for some tips, you can search for money saving ideas and one of the best ways to find even more tips is to look below the pins and the related pins to find even more ideas. On a totally non money saving slant, this has helped me find some fantastic ideas for kitchen renovation projects so always make sure you take a look at related pins! It’s also well worth following specific money saving boards too. I run Thrifty Tip Round Up which features thrifty folk from across the globe sharing thrifty pins and here are 37 money saving pinners you’ll want to check out.


Again here you want to be following the brands you buy from, along with discount code websites and thrifty bloggers like me or my friend.  My favourite thing about Instagram is when I spot a good (or bad) deal in a shop I can immediately take a photo of it and share it with my followers. Last year I found a toy which one of my followers couldn’t find anywhere at half price, I tweeted the picture, she nipped out and bought it and saved over £30+ on a Christmas gift for her son. This kind of thing makes me happy! I also wrote this post about selling your Instagram images, so if you’re any good a phone photography you might want to check to see if you could be making an extra bit of pocket money.