How to make viral content on Instagram

How to make viral content on Instagram

Going viral on the internet is probably every avid social media user’s dream. Who would say no to instant popularity and excessive positive feedback? (Assuming that you have gone viral for a good reason and not something shameful). In general, creating viral content means to write an article, post a photo or record the video that conquers the online world at a rapid speed. It gets shared by millions of people and may be used as a reference in multiple circumstances. 

As Instagram has gained over 700 million users, the relevance of creating viral content on this platform is more prevalent now than ever before. However, one should know several tips and tricks that are necessary to become an Instagram star. We have compiled a list of the essentials which you can take a look at below. 

Observe, Analyze, research

While this may sound like the guideline for a scientific study, do not be too intimidated, things are way easier here. All you have to do is take some time and think a little bit, before making a potentially regrettable decision. If creating viral Instagram content is your goal, you have to first know the basics of this application. Start looking at what goes viral generally, observe the details of the viral content created by famous influencers, write down the things you find useful and dedicate some time to analyzing the gathered data. 

Quality and creativity matter 

After you are done studying and digging into the viral videos or posts circulating on the app, it is time to draw conclusions. The latter can be simplified into two main points: viral content should definitely be unique, or if the creativity is not extremely sensational, it should have a striking quality. What you have to keep in mind is that Instagram is already flooded with considerably high-quality content. If what you are offering does not have the potential to compete with its counter content, there will not be much likelihood of you going viral at all. 

Connect with other creators 

One of the most well-tested ways to gain instant popularity on the internet is to be spotted with a famous person. Team up with your fellow influencers and the virality chances will increase for you immediately. If your platform is relatively modest and you do not feel comfortable to reach out, try to approach the subject thoughtfully. Introduce yourself to whoever you are willing to collaborate with, and either offer them something interesting in return or politely make a suggestion. If neither of these tactics works for you, well, you will just have to go back to doing your research. In any manner, attempting to make connections is never a bad thing. Everybody does that on every platform, in any industry, and at any workplace. Important thing is to do it professionally, and avoid being clingy, demanding or entitled. 

Use your own resources 

Alright, you have done the research, spent hours perfecting your content and sent out numerous messages to fellow influencers. What more could you possibly do? Here is a great idea. Did you know that if you buy Instagram power likes, the chances of your content going viral skyrocket immediately? While there is nothing wrong with receiving regular likes on your posts, it is likely that they come from smaller accounts. The latter do not have a big following in the first place. Hence, the likelihood of your content’s virality is substantially low. No one argues that spending your own spare money is not the most enjoyable way you could approach your goals, but if nothing else seems to be working efficiently, you have to go a little extreme. Whether you have to buy followers or purchase likes, as mentioned above, keep in mind that by boosting your stats, you have a greater chance to produce viral content. 

Hashtags & Emojis 

Make sure to use as many emojis and hashtags (without ridiculing yourself, for heaven’s sake) as possible, while also remaining within the frames of adequacy. The hashtag use will allow you to potentially appear on the explore and Hashtag Top pages on the app, and the emojis have shown to increase the interaction rate with the audience. Make sure to avoid overused hashtags, or those that are very general. You will be ranked among the posts that have a much bigger following, and the competition with such giants is not going to do you any good. Just like other video platforms such as YouTube, Vimo, and Daily motion, you can also download Instagram videos to never miss the highlights in the life of your favorite celebrities. 

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