How To Make Blackberry Vodka

How To Make Blackberry Vodka

On Tuesday I talked about foraging for blackberries and today I’m going to show you how to make blackberry vodka.

It is the start of the blackberry season and we got a bit excited about the prospect of free food. We foraged around 2-3lb and ended up eating most of them in puddings and cakes so I’ve only been left with around 1/3 of the amount of blackberries that I’d use in this recipe. However the blackberry season is a long one (usually running until the end of September) so I’m sure we’ll be back out foraging more berries later in the season and we’ll be making more sooner or later. Do feel free to scale the recipe up or down.

-What you will need:

1 sterilised Kilner style jar (I picked mine up in Ikea around 5 years ago, they have lasted well and I think they are still available now)
500ml of vodka
110g caster sugar
300g blackberries


1. Pour the vodka into the jar.
2. Add the berries then the sugar.
3. Give it a swirl with a wooden spoon.
4. Shake the jar until the sugar dissolves, around 5-10mins
5. Store in a cool dark place and shake once every 3-5 days.

The vodka should be ready to drink (and bottle – strain first) after 6 weeks but I find the taste improves vastly by leaving it until Christmas. Anything up to a year should be fine.

You can make a million and one things with blackberries, one of my favourite things do with them is to make my apple and raspberry cake, exchanging the raspberries for blackberries. Delicious.

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Types of blackberry vodka drinks

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