How to Make a Friendship Bracelet for Free

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet for Free

Friendship bracelets are right up there in the style stakes at the moment plus they are just a lovely thing to give to a friend. I recently fashioned matching friendship bracelets for my friend and I (twee, no?) from the loops of fabric you find inside clothes for hanging purposes.

I always cut off these tiny loops of fabric as soon as I get an item of clothing home, I hate how they peek out of clothes or get trapped in my bra straps. Whilst lopping off the latest batch the other day I noticed how pretty the colours were and that they were, in essence, just ribbon – so made a quick bracelet for my friend.

How to make a friendship bracelet for free

1. Take 6-8 ribbon loops from your clothes and cut to the same length (measure wrist size and add around 3 extra inches). Cut at a slant so the fabric doesn’t fray too much, although I kind of like the frayed look here.

 2. Tie a knot so that around 1 inch of the ribbons are out the other side of the knot and the remainder on the other.

3. Plait (braid) all the way down until there’s only about 3 inches left.

4. Tie a knot so that around 1 inch of the ribbon is loose on the other side of the knot.

5. Tie the ends together (or poke the one knot through the end of the plait and secure), et voila a friendship bracelet.

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