How to Keep Your Outdoors as Clean as Your Indoors?

How to Keep Your Outdoors as Clean as Your Indoors?

Keeping your outdoor area clean and ready for either unexpected guests or kids’ playtime or a quiet dinner with your partner is much simpler than you may think. And it can be done without using any harmful chemicals. 

Tips for outdoor cleaning

Clan the glass

Start with cleaning the glasses of your windows, and all the furniture kept in your patio. Make a mixture in a bucket of water, a cup of white vinegar, and 1/2 tsp of liquid dish soap or shampoo. Use a mild cloth or sponge to wipe all the windows, outdoor tables, lantern glasses, patio lights, etc. Don’t use any rough clothes, or you may end up forming scratches on the glass. Rinse all the glasses with water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Sweep debris regularly

Remove debris from under and around the furniture. Cut lawns weekly and get them collected by rubbish removal Brisbane without delay. Piles of leaves, if left for a prolonged period, traps moisture and has the propensity of promoting mold growth. Most of the rubbish removal companies can be scheduled, and they will come and pick up the debris from your garden on the days planned. Also, clean your patio free of dry leaves by sweeping if not daily, weekly.

Clean the patio furniture

Once you are done with floor mopping and cleaning the glasses, next is the furniture kept in out outdoors. They attract all kinds of sand and muck that you can find in nature.

One of the most common formulae that are safe for cleaning all types of patio furniture is one teaspoon of dish-washing soap and the same quantity of borax mixed in one-fourth cup of warm water. Use a soft sponge or napkin to rub the surfaces of all furniture until clean mildly. Do not use a scrubber or anything rough as that will scratch the furniture’s surface. In case your patio seats are made of canvas, you can easily remove them and machine-wash. 

Close the umbrella

People who have sufficient space in their backyards install umbrellas for relaxation, but more than often, they keep it open even not in use. It is a bad practice as cleaning the umbrellas become a tedious task. Dirt and droppings from birds and trees, if left for some time, can quickly form stains that are not easy to clean. In case you have a cover for you can use that too. 

The extra effort you use in folding and closing the umbrella might seem tedious, but trust us, it will make your life much easier and hygienic. 

Store away rugs and cushions

If you have carpets and furniture cushions, store them away in a garage cupboard when not in use. It will help you to keep them clean, and every time you bring them out, they will look bright and new. Would you want to welcome your guests with dirty and shabby rags?  

You might think that packing and unpacking are time-consuming, but this way, you at least won’t have to invest time in cleaning them regularly. And always remember outdoor rags catches dirt more easily than the indoor ones, thus cleaning them are also more difficult.


The charm of outdoor increases with barbeque. But, these need to be kept clean so that you can use them whenever you have a party to host, or you want to cherish some peaceful time with your partner. Though there are various chemicals available in the market for cleaning grills, nothing works as good as baking soda and lemon juice mixture. They are safe for your skin and removes stubborn stains. Check the propane tank before any gathering and make sure that it’s full and ready to go. 

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