How To…

Help yourself to a how-to guide. They’re neatly organised to make it easier to find what you need. Say thank you. Good girl.

How to organise a clothes drawer
How to organise wires, cables & chargers
How to organise nail polish
How to organise a wardrobe
How to organise spices
How to organise with vintage suitcases
How to organise DVDs & save space
How to organise ribbon 
How to organise using lids – items you’d throw away 
How to organise & store duvet cover sets 
How to organise & store earphones
How to oraganise a car
How to organise your underwear
How to organise your bedside table

Cleaning & housework
How to clean vintage linens
How to cut cleaning time in half
How to clean with vinegar
How to clean with bi carb
How to clean a vintage tin
How to make your spare room a nice place to stay
How to clean really filthy pots and pans
How to make your own shower spray
How to make a multi-surface cleaning spray

Food and drink
How to make vanilla sugar
How to make blackberry vodka
How to ice a cupcake
How to make vegan brownies
How to make really simple scones
How to make cucumber water
How to pick blackberries

Useful Stuff
How to win competitions
How to keep chickens
How to keep spiders away

Money saving
How to keep warm
How to spend less on cotton wool
How to use bath water 
How to ask for a discount on clothes
How do deal with money at uni

How to search eBay effectively
How to buy fabric on eBay 
How to bid on eBay 
How to buy from overseas eBay sellers

How to thrift – clothes
How to find plus size clothes in charity shops
How to Thrift Shoes
How to remove bobbles and piling from clothes

Fashion DIY
How to make glitter stripe shoes 
How to make a statement chain necklace
How to make a colour block clutch bag 
How to make a free friendship bracelet 
How to make shoe clips 

Hair, beauty and Make up etc.
How to save an old nail varnish
How to make a green tea face mask
How to make a hand softening treatment
How to make a vanilla body scrub 
How to cut your own fringe 
How to make homemade mouthwash 
How to make a mayo hair treatment
How to make a toning spray
How to make an anti-redness mask
How to clean your hairbrush
How to rescue a dried out mascara
How to make an egg white and tissue face mask
How to make a cod liver oil and honey mask
How to get every drop of product out
How to make an asprin spot treatment
How to make eye make up remover

Things to make
How to make a bag
How to create a free blog header
How to make wrapping paper
How to make cookie cutters
How to make a draught excluder
How to make a hand-tied bouquet
How to make a pistachio wreath
How to make snowflake prints
How to make orange decorations
How to make a snow curtain
How to make a brooch & earring holder
How to make a framed pin cushion
How to make a personalised wedding gift
How to make a quick & easy gift

Repair, recycle, repurpose & reusue
How to mend an umbrella
How to reuse old tights
How to reuse old mascara wands
How to reuse old toothbrushes 
How to reuse freebie make up applicators