How Change of Season Brings Change in Skin Care Requirements

How Change of Season Brings Change in Skin Care Requirements

With fall here and winter right around the corner, we can expect some seasonal changes. We can also expect some changes in our skin, which means some possible changes in our skin care!

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and our first line of defense to outside aggressors – such as change of season. Our skin plays a big role in protecting the rest of our body, which is why we need to keep it happy and healthy-looking. Just when we think we have our skin figured out, the season changes and we’re surprised with a mysterious rash or irregular breakouts. Preparing our skin for environmental changes is the first step to avoiding such mishaps.

Fall and winter months bring on a harsher climate; cold and wind irritate the exposed areas of our body, mainly the face and hands. Dry conditions strip the skin of its own natural moisture, also known as sebum. Without the proper products, our skin can become visibly chapped and red. Such conditions increase dead skin cells, pore clogging and acne. In fact, experts have found that cold weather and a dry climate may actually be the worst climate for acne.

Now is the time to start thinking about what changes you can make within your daily routine to keep your skin looking beautiful for these upcoming months.

First and foremost, don’t underestimate the power of water. Water is vital to bodily health and keeping a healthy glow to your skin.

Exfoliate regularly. As mentioned, your skin is likely to become drier with dead skin cell buildup. Exfoliating will help to gently remove these dead skin cells and reveal a more hydrated you.

Consider whether or not you should add some extra hydration and moisture to your regimen – chances are you will. Whether it is a richer day cream or a hydrating mask, your skin will thank you later by looking its best.

Not into taking vitamins or some kind of supplement? Reconsider this tactic – your skin needs these essential nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants to not only look good but to fight free radical damage.

A healthy diet, regular exercise and plenty of rest can do wonders for your skin. So try thinking about the foods you are consuming, whether or not you’re getting sufficient physical activity and if you’re getting enough sleep.

Lastly and also most importantly, don’t skimp out on sunscreen just because the sun’s not out. It –s a well known fact that sun damage – and even sunburns – can occur during an overcast day, so make sure that you–re protecting and reapplying as necessary.

Keep in mind, the weather will change and so will your skin, but the changes in your skin don’t have to drastic or damaging so long as you take care of yourself and your skin.