How Can You Clean Your Windows at Home?

How Can You Clean Your Windows at Home?

Cleaning is a very important aspect of anyone’s life. A clean space emits positive vibrations and anyone likes spending time there. However, cleaning your house can sometimes seem very daunting to you as it takes a lot of time. The most difficult part is washing the windows. Although, with a little effort you can actually clean your windows.

You can even hire some professional help once in a while. Once the professionals come and wash your windows, it will be easier to maintain them. Consider checking window cleaning in Melbourne.

Apart from that, there are certain window cleaning solutions that you can make at your home. One of the solutions is vinegar. It is actually a gift given from nature. You just have to use it in a right way. The good part about vinegar is that it is non-toxic and anti-bacterial as well. It will kill all the germs and clean your surface in a much better and economical way.

How to Make Vinegar Window Cleaning Solution?

All you have to do is take a bottle and mix one part of hot water with one part of distilled vinegar. Them just spray the solution on your window and clean it with a sponge. You can also clean your window with squeegee. However, it is a good idea to dampen the squeegee first. Clean the window from top down. Make sure to wipe the edge of the squeegee after each stroke.

 You will have to clean the windows only when there is no direct sunlight on your windows. Also, rinse and dry the window frames immediately after you have cleaned them. You will have to do this to avoid any kind of damage to your windows. The vinegar solution cleans the windows well but, if you keep it too long it can cause damage to your frames. Thus, this is an important thing to remember.

 Apart from that, you can also mix 50% tap water with 50% distilled vinegar in a spray bottle. However, if you have a very grimy glass, then wash it with soap water first. Then, spray this solution and clean it with a sponge. You will surely have a clean and pretty looking window after that. If you have got very stubborn spots on your window, then take undiluted vinegar on a cloth. Rub it hard on the spots. They will surely come off after that.

Best Way to Clean Windows

1. Pre-Cleaning of Windows

Before, cleaning the windows with soap water and vinegar solutions, you will have to pre-clean them. The outside part of the window might have some stubborn stain and even stickers. Although, removing sticky substances is quite a task. You can try removing them with a spray bottle of water and a plastic scraper. Make sure that the scraper has a good edge.

 Spray water on the stickers and let them sit for some time. Hold the scraper at a 45 degree angle and apply some pressure while removing the sticker. Use a towel to remove excess water.

2.  Remove and Clean the Screens of the Window

You must clean the screens every time you clean your windows. You can remove the screens and vacuum them to remove all the dirt. Use a spray bottle to clean the screens. After that, use warm water with dish soap or vinegar and clean it properly. Leave them and let them air dry before replacing them.


Cleaning windows at home will require some time and effort. However, if you are on a budget, you can clean them on your own with the above mentioned steps. It is advisable to hire professional help once in a while.  


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