Homemade Christmas Gift Brooch And Earring Holde

Homemade Christmas Gift Brooch And Earring Holde

Here’s a little something I made for myself a few years back and have been replicating as gifts ever since – a homemade brooch and earring holder. You can make these at home, with thrifted finds really easily and it won’t take you long either.

What you will need:

An ornate frame
Left over paint or tester pot
A piece of corkboard cut to fit into the hole in the frame
A thick fabric remnant which measures about 3 inches larger than the corkboard all the way round
Two small ‘eye’ screws
Staple gun
A plain piece of stiff card

About the items you need:

When it comes to frames, corkboards/old notice boards and fabric I have had no problem finding these in charity shops very, cheaply. If you can’t find any on the shop floors do ask the staff because often anything that is a bit shabby won’t be placed out on general display and it could be just the thing you’re looking to give a new lease of life too.

Lots of people seem to get rid of paint and noticeboards on so if you’re a user, do ask if anyone has anything that would suit your needs.

I use string from packages, it is amazing how much string you end up with if you save it all up and the eye screws are around 10p each from a hardware store – even cheaper if you’re buying in bulk.

 How to:

1. Remove the back and any glass from the frame before sanding down and cleaning it.
2. Give the frame a good couple of coats of paint, I’ve picked a dove grey here because I had it left over from a furniture painting project.
3. Cut the corkboard so it will sit flush inside the frame.
4. Place the fabric face down on a flat surface and the corkboard into the centre. Fold the fabric in, so it is very tightly stretched across the surface of the corkboard. Staple tightly to the back to secure.
5. Trim any excess fabric neatly and staple a plain piece of stiff card to the back – just to hide messy edges.
6. Wedge the corkboard neatly into the frame so it sits tightly, staple a few times to secure it to the frame.
7. Attach two ‘eyes’ to two edges of the rear of the frame and tie a piece of string through the holes so that your recipient can hang it on the wall.

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