Holland & Barrett Loyalty Card

Holland & Barrett Loyalty Card

A new discovery for me recently is the Holland & Barrett Rewards for Life card. I’m fairly new to shopping in the store for anything other than a January urge to BUY ALL DA VITAMINS but of late I’ve switched up a few things in my diet (I’ve gone sugar free and it has made a huge difference to my various illnesses) and I’ve found myself popping in for chia seeds and the like. I’ve also discovered they sell a good range of organic beauty products which nearly always seem to be on offer.


The Rewards for Life card is simply a loyalty card which is free to sign up to and you can sign up at the till whilst in store. Once your card is activated they’ll give you 150 points which equals £1.50 plus 4 points for every £1 you spend for an introductory period. Btw the ‘activate me now’ sticker on the front is a nightmare to get off, so if you don’t want it sticking to the inside of your purse don’t bother.

Once you’ve earned more than 50 points you’ll receive regular ‘reward coupons’ in the post along with a booklet of money off vouchers. I had earned 222 points so received a voucher for the amount of £2 to spend (valid until the end of November in this case) and my further 22 points is rolled over for the next period.

It’s a bit of a shame the points can’t be stored on the card a bit like the Boots Advantage Card but nonetheless I’m really pleased with this card and looking forward to spending my points on essentials.