Here’s What Not to Expect in a Home Inspection

Here’s What Not to Expect in a Home Inspection

As you learn and understand the process of the home inspection, you must have already set a few expectations in your mind. But it is also necessary to know what your home inspection won’t include or what home inspectors won’t do. So, here is a list of aspects that you shouldn’t expect from a home inspection and in the process itself. 

  • A home inspection takes days and months. 

Typically, the home inspection process lasts for two to three hours. The inspector might take a more significant number of hours if the house is complex and huge. But it is a myth that a home inspector takes days to complete the process. If your home inspector gives you a time limit of more than 3 hours, red flag him. He is not a genuine and trusted inspector, and you need someone competent. 

  • A home inspection includes an evaluation of décor, furnishings, and paints. 

These days, a newly built home comes with several amenities, appliances, nicely painted walls, and furnishings. But you need to note in mind that home inspectors are not entitled to check these add-ons. They might point out the discrepancies in the house walls, but they will not tell you whether the paint has tampered or not. Hence, if you want an audit of your additional fittings, paints, and furnishings, we suggest doing it yourself and not expect from a qualified home inspector

  • A home inspection does not require the attendance of a buyer. 

It is normal for the buyers to expect that they are not required to be present during the home inspection. It sounds easy, you can relax at home or work in the office, or your home evaluation will be taken care of. But this is not the case if you want to know the real condition of your house. So, don’t expect that the home inspector will cooperate if you do not participate in the inspection. You ought to be there for the whole time! 

  • The home inspection report might not contain any visuals. 

You might expect the report without any images and videos, believing that your house is completely perfect. However, we cannot expect the report to be dull without any visuals. If there any discrepancies, the inspector must depict them in the report through these visuals. This is the only and best method to utilize current technology in Home Inspection in El Paso TX. The more the visuals, the more you will seek clarification about the report. 

  • The home inspection report does not contain any decision. 

It will contain suggestions for skilled contractors, but the home inspector cannot write down the decision you need.  

In short, once you are aware of what doesn’t happen in a home inspector, you can expect the right things to happen smoothly.

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