Perfect Storage System: 5 Handy Storage Shelves Ideas

Perfect Storage System: 5 Handy Storage Shelves Ideas

If you are a first-timer in trying to be hands-on at revamping and organizing your space, there might be an overwhelming feeling. Worry not because this guide will provide you some of the best storage shelf ideas that you can apply to your home.

Following the simple tips and tricks that we will provide will guarantee that utilizing and maximizing any space can be straightforward and fun. With that said, here are some of the handy storage shelves ideas that you should start doing.

Boxes and Baskets

Among the handy storage shelves idea that people should consider is using boxes and baskets. As we all know, baskets and boxes are an excellent method to provide anyone with additional storage space without creating any mess. They can also give an illusion of order and uniformity, even if you are a bit behind on the last schedule of decluttering. In addition to that, you get more than what you pay for.


It means that adding boxes and baskets to your shelves will enable you to place more on one shelf than if you’re going to rely only on the shelf’s given space. If you already have children or only the person that stores many knick-knacks, this is the perfect shelf idea for you. A basic shelf with different baskets or boxes added can create an exciting design while enabling you to easily and quickly clean the area.

Magnetic Strips

You can place magnetic strips within the storage shelf or along the dresser to help you declutter a space in less than a minute. You can hold pins, tweezers, and other magnetic things using it. Instead of placing those items outside your shelf, organize and neatly place them within reach of a magnetic strip.


In a similar scenario, magnetic strips are perfect in your kitchen as a method to keep the knives and some bulky items that could take up the space of your counter or drawer. But you need to be extra careful when you use this method if there are children around. Please put it in a high place that your kids won’t be able to reach them.


If you possess small items, you should also consider using mason jars. Besides providing an impressive design to your plain-looking shelf, jars are also a convenient method for storing your bobs and bits. For the shelves in the bathroom, it’s easy to paint the jars and make them blend in the whole color design of your room, but they are perfect for storing items such as bobby pins, make-up sponges, and your toothbrush. With this storage shelves idea, your bathroom won’t get messy and disorganized anymore.

Tension Rods

If you already have shelves but want other ways to create more space and life, using tension rods is an excellent method to achieve what you want. Installing tension rods to your owned shelf will allow you to hang extra items you can’t do previously. This trick works well in any space in your home. You will find that a tension rod will be a great help if you want to declutter the area from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Extra Shelving

The same with the tension rod trick, adding an extra shelf to an area within other shelves will give extra room. There’s no need to throw out your old shelf because you only need to add other simple things for everything to work.


The perfect storage system is to make things simple and straightforward. Using the storage shelves ideas can help you spice things up and add more designs to your shelves.

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