How to Make a Pistachio Heart Wreath

How to Make a Pistachio Heart Wreath

Today I’m introducing the fantastic Cathy from Homemade Mummy who is here to share a beautiful and elegant Christmas craft with you.

Christmas provides the perfect excuse to try a little homemade crafting. I love having heart motifs around the home and using natural materials, and this wreath made from pistachio nuts combines the two. You can make to any size so it can be adapted to make a wreath for your door or a decoration for your tree or mantelpiece. These five easy and inexpensive steps will show you how to make your own homemade heart. Start by placing your pistachios in a bowl or a ziplock freezer bag. The truly thrifty might like to eat the pistachios first and just use the shells to craft with but I love the added texture you get by using the nuts in their cases, so as it’s Christmas I’m going to splash out and use them whole.

Next you need to colour them with food dye. Add a few drops and stir them round with a metal spoon, taking care not to get any dye on your fingers. If you’re using a freezer bag you can zip it shut and give them a shake. Once all the pistachios are covered you can spread them out on a baking sheet and leave them to completely dry. Cut out your heart shape from some stiff card – use red card if you have it or recycle a cereal box or some packaging and paint that red. You can make the heart as large or small as you like, but the larger you make it, the stiffer the card you’ll want to use so that it holds its shape when the weight of the nuts is added.

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Use a strong craft glue to cover one side of your heart shaped card and stick the pistachios on. Leave the heart on a flat surface until all the glue has dried. Your heart is then ready to hang up to adorn your house. Add a thick ribbon to make a wreath for your door, some finer thread to make a decoration to trim your Christmas tree, or leave as it is to place on the mantelpiece.

… A Huge thank you to Cathy for sharing this beautiful heart with us, I can’t wait to give it a go, if and when I can wrangle some pistachios away from Mr Thrifty’s firm grip. Cathy has lots of fabulous Christmas goings on over on her blog. Check out her chocolate florentines which make a lovely gift or her mincemeat which knocks shop bought mincemeat into a cocked hat.