Give Your Home a Designer Touch With Decorative Plaster and Paints!

Give Your Home a Designer Touch With Decorative Plaster and Paints!

If you think your home has started looking boring and too monotonous, then why not try to revamp it in an unusual style? But are you thinking this would mean tearing down the whole house, and shuffling everything around, and recreating the decor? Actually not, this isn’t at all needed! Your home can look sleek and captivating and full of life by just adding a special type and touch of paint and plaster to the walls! And the result can be magical! 

Painting has always been viewed a narrowed subject, limited to just some hues and putting them on the walls! Or plastering has just been associated with creating a cover on the walls or hide some unwanted crevices. But this actually has far more horizons, which are yet to be discovered by most of us! Plastering and painting can be decorative too, and can be enough to transform a home from dull to drooling with just the right efforts and expertise from Ayda Paintings offering interior plastering in Auckland.

 Renovation ideas using decorative paint and plaster that can beautify your home!

Plasters and paints are the main sources to adorn your homes with astounding styles and designs. The way you utilise them in your interiors can actually make the place mind blowing. Just remember to appoint a great craftsman to do the job, and you’ll notice the positive effects of these in your home. Check for some unique styles below in which you can have the most alluring wall, using only decorative plaster or paint.

  • Jazz it up by Metallic — Gone are the days of solid colours on the walls. Or even colour blocking, or one focal wall having some special colour or effect adorning it. Now people are looking for more dramatic transformation. Welcome metallic paints! These new kids on the block will give a sleek shine to your walls, and imbibe sparkle and glamour to your décor. You can have it simply painted in a metallic colour tone, or add a touch of spray with metallic finish on your walls, and even create easy designs on the walls to make it look fabulous.
  • Glitter and glam — Want to add a sparkling effect on your wall? It can be a really easy task! Glitter paints to the rescue! But don’t go overboard with it, unless you want your home to look like a well-lit Christmas tree! Restrict it only to a focal wall. Glitter paints are in trend currently, and people love the pizzazz they can add to any room, even the drabbest ones. These are favoured especially for the bedrooms, for it creates a romantic ambiance as light falls on these walls.
  • Metallic plaster —Very similar to metallic paint, a metallic plaster is a thick application to create a beautiful design on the walls. Having a deep lustre, this offers a shimmering and shining effect of metals on the wall, while making it tougher alongside.
  • Concrete finish — A concrete finish on your bathrooms and kitchen can add a touch of elegance to your home. These basically just need a good hand with the application of plasters, and therefore doesn’t even require much expenditure. This finish is ideal for homes that adhere to rustic or country themed décor.
  • Venetian plaster — This is a kind of plaster mixed with marble dust to create an alluring look giving depths and creating fine designs. Used strategically, Venetian plaster can generate a stunning look for your walls. Mostly preferred for living rooms, it needs a good artisan to complete the whole procedure with perfection. With glossy and bright colours, this venetian plaster is enough to give you walls worth flaunting!
  • Artisan finish — This kind of finish is a cool tribute to the old European style house decor. Artisan finish is especially recommended for dry walls or wooden surfaces to give it an impression of gleaming marble or a stunning stone. Its most amazing feature is the change in its shades and designs as the light changes. Be it decorative or rustic or natural form, hanging lights highlight it differently creating a magical effect on the wall.
  • Sandstone paint finish — A sandy textured paint applied to create a gritty and granulated appearing wall can look fabulous in any (or all!) of your rooms. Available in all sorts of colours, it adds an earthy feel, and has a matte finish. This is one of the most preferred types of paint to transfer your home into an impressive form with the least money and time spent. 

It’s the age of multitasking, and creativity is no exception! Make your walls carve a niche for themselves and stand out by playing just with plaster and paints.

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