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This isn’t finance or thrift related it’s just a plain old rant. Just because I become more and more angry each time I dine out. Stop serving food on chopping boards and in plant pots or in tiny faux deep fat frying pans. If I want to eat food from a slate I will climb onto my friggin’ roof and have my lunch up there. If you giving me food from your kitchen displayed in such a way, I will send it back. And I won’t visit your establishment again. Mis-matched plates are fair enough and you know why because they are PLATES. Cheese board on a board, fine – a meat and potato pie, complete with mash and gravy, on a chopping board is not fine. A trio of soufflés turned out onto a chalkboard is not fine, nor is a mini tin plant pot carefully laden with 3 ‘hand cut’ chips and a load of greaseproof paper. Use a bit of common sense, if it is easier to serve it up on a plate, carry it out to the customer on a plate and most importantly – eat it from a plate, then please can you serve it on a plate?

Eating out is a rare treat for my husband and I, so daft, pretentious, wholly unnecessary ways of serving food spoils the experience. Restaurant owners, let me address you as one group. If you are acting under the misapprehension that serving up your offerings in this manner adds any kind of trendiness, class, sophistication or coolness you are wrong. It offers nothing to the dining experience whatsoever (apart from my eyes get sore from all the rolling), the food is not improved by these frankly ludicrous ways of serving food, you create more washing up for your staff and not only that, many of your customers find it difficult and unpleasant to eat their food in such a manner. These are your customers who are increasingly voicing their dissatisfaction to their friends and across social media. The Brits aren’t generally a complaining nation but they are a mumble-to-your-friends-and-neighbours nation and slowly but surely they’ll become a vote-with-their-feet nation. Stop this daft behaviour and give me a plate. Anyone else out there bored of eating their food from chopping boards? What will the next trend be? Salads in envelopes, noodles in a full size wok, tuna steak in a mini Magimix, birthday cake on a platter of birthday cards? C’mon.

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