From the Genetleman’s Diary – Smooth Conversation Cheat Sheet

From the Genetleman’s Diary – Smooth Conversation Cheat Sheet

Don’t you think that having a good conversation with a girl is a difficult task! There are several people out there who would convince you regarding the same. However, this is so not the case! Here are some expert tips that will surely help you have a smooth conversation with any woman without getting all nervous!

Give the conversation a good start 

So if you have made your mind to talk to somebody then make it a point to pick the right topic. Start the conversation with as much confidence as you can! You don’t have to be shy and indeed you should exude confidence in whatever you are going to say. If you are successful in making a good first impression then the rest of the time will be even better. 

Ask things about her

Don’t make it all about you and instead ask her about what she does and what she likes. If you are a woman seeking man in Sydney then you surely need to use the right topics. Try and get to know her. Ask her what she finds fascinating and interesting. Add to the same point if you have anything to share. You can also try and understand her dreams and aspirations. This will show her that you genuinely care about her and are not just fooling around. 

Know when to continue a conversation 

Remember than conversations are always two sided and that you seriously need to stop if she is not interested. It is not at all pleasant when the girl you are talking to is dead bored and doesn’t even want to talk. You should know when to stop the talk and to just change the topic or maybe do the goodbyes. There is someone special out there for you who would willingly talk to you and listen to you. You can find yourself a suitable match through several dating agencies in Sydney. All you need to do is to contact them and they would do the rest. 

Offer some information about you 

The best way to get someone to open up is by offering information about you. You might feel if it is really needed but hey! It’s a good conversation starter. For instance, if you tell her how you spent the weekend and explain any particular instance then she is going to feel comfortable telling about hers. It is a good way of making her feel the connection instantly. Don’t shy away and share things about you freely.

Look for cues in her own sentences 

So you guys are chatting up and she starts talking about how she has this very busy week ahead of her. Now instead of changing the topic you can take this as a cue and put across a follow up question. For instance, you can ask her what plans she has and that what it is it that is making things tough for her. This simple act will show her that you genuinely listened instead of just waiting to reply. A woman definitely loves men who actually listen not just hear. 

Speak your mind 

So you might think that you don’t want to scare her off and keep your goofy side to yourself. However, that is not going to get you anywhere. The two of you would keep continuing the small talk unless either of the two calls it off. Just be who you are and don’t hide the funny and quirky side of you! After you reveal your goofy thoughts she might also get comfortable and start being who she is. There is no point in faking who you are. Instead just be yourself and confidently speak anything which you truly believe in. who knows she might like you for exactly the way you are. 

Thus, if you don’t have much experience in talking to women then the above tips can help you out. You will get the much needed confidence for starting a talk. Moreover, you would be surprised to see how well the talk actually goes once you follow through the tips given. 


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