Free Benefit Theyre Real Push Eyeliner

Free Benefit Theyre Real Push Eyeliner

Reviews for Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner have swung from “perfection” to “atrocious” which is, I think perhaps, why I have had so many people asking if I’d see any sample sizes of the product floating around. Who wants to waste £18.50 on a love it or hate it product?

Free Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner

Alas I have seen no totally free (I even purchased something from a Benefit counter recently as a gift and the assistant, who handed me lots of skincare samples, said she hadn’t seen a sample of the eyeliner) but in the December issue of Elle you’ll find a sample size for you to try out. The sample isn’t huge but I’m pretty sparing with eyeliner so imagine it would last me at least a month. Do be careful with the push up aspect of this sample as it is takes a while to push up and when it does it can be a bit overenthusiastic meaning you could lose some of the product. Elle’s UK edition is out now and costs £4 (!)

What are your Views on this Product? Worth the Splurge?

P.S. As always these “freebies” aren’t at all as free as they appear, be sensible when you purchase a magazine purely for the free gift.

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