Family Secret Santa

Family Secret Santa

As promised I bring you another Christmas preparation post. This time we have in hand the matter of gifts. I have three distinct gifting groups that I give to over the Christmas period –

1. Close friends are the group that I give homemade (knitted, crocheted, sewn, cooked),thrifted gifts or special gifts to (we usually enforce a price limit of £20).
2. Friends and family whom I only occasionally see – I tend to give small token gifts or small homemade food hampers.
3. Extremely close family that I’ll spend the Christmas period with who tend to get ‘special’, personal gifts costing a little bit more.

This year I’ll continue to give the first two groups their gifts as usual, I get such pleasure from making these gifts (and we’re making the foodie stuff for our own stocks anyway so it is easy to double up), but with the latter group things will be different. We’ll give to children as normal (although we never really indulge children too much) but the adults will be taking part in Secret Santa. Each name will be picked from a hat (yes, it’ll be a Santa hat) and we each give only to the one person we’ve drawn. There will of course be small stockings each too but we’re quite traditional in those stakes, they usually feature an orange, a coin, a silly toy and some chocolate – nothing fancy.

Do you do Secret Santa or similar with your family, friends or work colleagues?

I recently blogged about giving second hand gifts.


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