EBay Craft Wishlist

EBay Craft Wishlist

After my recent post about buying fabric on eBay so many of you contacted me to ask what other crafty goodies you can find at a bargain price on the bay of e. Gosh, what can’t you find on there? Is maybe a more applicable question because folks you can get pretty much anything you want on eBay….y’know unless for some reason you’re in the market for a human lung or something, I’m not sure they can help you there.

So, always one to share, here are some of the things I’ve bought recently or I currently have sitting on various watch lists. Share yours, share yours!

Making Gifts

My friends

seems to love when I make them a little something for their birthday
and if I’m quite honest I really enjoy spending a few minutes quietly
sewing, knitting or using a hot glue gun.
Some of the easiest things to make a little bits like a pair of earrings – I snap up rose cabochons 30 at a time (£1.50 plus £1 p&p) and simply bob an earring back (50 for £1.70 plus p&p) on the pack with the aid of my nifty hot glue gun.
TherE are about a squillion different cabochons sitting on my watch list
squeeeeeee, I want them all but must be sensible. However I particularly want to plonk something like this cameo into one of these resin frames and string it from a chain and give it to my friend to put a smile on her stupid but pretty face.

Studs, studs, studs

I’ve updated a few charity shop finds with studs this year (and I’ll share more with you soon), they’re just so easy to use and look blinking awesome once done. I’ve hunted around various craft shops and been taken aback by some of the prices so eBay has been my go to stud buying hotspot. Yeah I said hotspot.
I’ve bought this pack of 200 studs for £1.75, twice this year from this seller and whilst they take a while to arrive from China (approx 10-14 days if I recall correctly) the price makes it a real bargain. If however you prefer to buy from a UK seller I’ve spotted these studs at £4.49 (plus p&p) for 100.

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Give a gift

If you can actually manage to part with the gifts you’ve made, you may find you spend ages looking about for a little box to put those pretty things in. I have a couple of these boxes (12 for £3.95 plus p&p) left and I’m plonking this listing in my watch list so I can buy more in the run up to getting-ready-for-Christmas-extraordinarily-early.


Is it sad that I can find almost nothing more soothing and satisfying than stamping a rubber stamp onto a piece of paper? I frankly couldn’t care less if it is because I genuinely enjoy it and get a bit lusty when I come across shops selling stamps. *cough* loser. I’ve been using alphabet stamps for just about every project I’ve undertaken recently, how cool are they? Oh, oh, oh and on a separate note as a housewarming gift for one of my friends I had a personalised address stamp made for her – now come on, how cool is THAT? Yep, I’m a sucker for anything personalised.

Which craft goodies are you currently lusting over be they eBay (or otherwise)? Share the links below so we can all check them out.