Ebay Amnesty

Ebay Amnesty

Ooh I like me some eBay shopping, did the seventy billion swooning blog posts about the auction site alert you to that? Anyway, I’m always up for finding well priced items and great deals so I’m going to share my favourite eBay shops and the reasons I love them in the hope you’ll share your favourite eBay shops or sellers in the comments. Go on, goooo onnnnn, gaaawaaaaaaan. Do I need to wap out my big fat eyes and do my puppy dog trick? It works so well on Mr Thrifty.
Oh good, we have a deal. So standby to share your links.


Lookbook Store
On the button with current trends and great prices. However the sizing can be a bit odd, (since when was a size 10 a large?) so it is well worth having a good look at measurements.


Great shoes, a really diverse selection and great prices. Plus they get them in the post super quick. I really fancy these for my friend’s hen night.

Linda’s Stuff

I LOVE this shop. One of the most professional and comprehensive on the site, Linda’s Stuff sells designer items and if you live in America she’ll even send round a UPS guy to pick up your items and sell them on for you. Items are expensive but if you’re searching for a specific item for your collection you might just be able to pick it up here.

Indie Cult Vintage

Seriously, I cannot explain to you how good this shop is. Hard to find and beautiful vintage goodies from various eras at pretty good prices. Not charity shop prices but good prices when you consider the heritage and condition of most of the pieces. My current favourite has to be this tie dye dress.

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– The Coveted have a great list of sellers and shops covering fashion, mostly American but still well worth a look.

Make or Take
Great shop selling a variety of things but I particularly love their selection of interesting and cool cookie cutters.
Really well priced cushion covers, duvets and bed linen sets. Whilst these flock cushion covers aren’t really my thing I know a lot of people who love that type of thing so I’m planning to buy a few for Christmas gifts because less than ¬£3 seems great.

W. Armstrong & Son

These guys are vintage specialists and I particularly love their fabric selections. What home shouldn’t be swathed in barkcloth and kitsch teatowels?

From Then to Now

If you’re into shabby chic, retro and kitsch I have a funny feeling you might like this shop. Again, great prices and I’ve been buying a few bits and bobs to put away for Christmas and birthday gifts. I particularly like this little polka dot bird shaped hook – I just wish we were allowed to drill into our walls because I’m seeing a line of these in my spare room.


Just about anything craft related from ribbon through to jewellery making supplies. I’ve bought dozens of things from this seller and never had a single one go missing in the post or arrived damaged. Postage tends to be free and the stock is well priced.

Buy in coins

Items can take a while to get to you, however the price is so cheap it kind of makes up from it. They are my go to seller for metal studs.

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