Don’t Throw Away Christmas

Don’t Throw Away Christmas

Most people throw away a lot of what comes their way at Christmas. Stop and think, just for a second, as you reach for the bin – can you make use of the item you’re throwing away?Here are a few Christmas-y things you can repurpose to ensure they have a full festive life.

– Christmas Cards

  • Christmas Cards Make Perfect Gift Tags..
  • Simply Take The Front Of A Cheery Christmas Card Someone Has Sent You And Cut It Into Gift Tag Sized
  • Portions, Use Pinking Sheers For A Zig Zagged Edge. Punch A Hole 1cm Into One Of The Corners And Attach Ribbon Or String. Store Away For Next Year.

-Festive Magazines And Catalogues

Keep those festive magazines and use them for gift wrapping. Some of the images are really beautiful and a page is just about the right size for stocking filler sized gifts. Tie and secure with string.

Broken Or Smashed Decorations

Every year we end up with at least one broken bauble, rather than get frustrated or throw it away I do some of the following.

1. I store it in a small tin and when I have time I break the bauble into pieces and add to a frame. In a few short years I’ll have a really pretty mosaic with memories of Christmas past.
2. Push the sharp edges into a plain church candle so that the
3. Store away and add sparkle to a wreath next year

– Dead Fairylights

If your fairy lights have gone bang and you’ve exhausted every possible way of trying to fix them (change the fuse, change the bulb etc.) why not use them for gift wrap string? Alright, alright, it isn’t exactly normal but if you lop off the plug you have a string of something very pretty to tie around a special gift.

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– Chocolate Advent Calendar

When you’ve reached the 24th day open up the advent calendar and remove the plastic mould. Give it a good wash and store away for next year. When it comes to next December use the mould to make festive shaped chocolates, from any number of online recipes, to give as gifts.

– Wrapping Paper

Don’t worry, you don’t need to pull a Monica Geller and take your discarded wrapping paper off for ironing. Would your children enjoy cutting it up and sticking it to thank you cards? Can you use it as paper mache whilst making your own decorations?You could even shred it to use as protective storage when putting those decorations away or packaging material for delicate gifts next year

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