Difference Between Clutch, Hobo, Satchel And Tote Bag Nz

Bags are women’s best friend. After jewelry, they are one of the closest things to women. They take care of it, carry it with them, and make them an integral part of their life. If carefully preserved and used smoothly, it is said that bags have a good resale value. Now, we all know the varied variety of bags that one can get your hands on. From clutches to Swatches and Tote Bag Nz, handbags bags come in many colors, shapes, and designs. 

Bag lovers generally tend to catalog if not a lot, at least one variation of all types of the bag. On the other hand, for someone who has found a new love for bags deciding which bag to go for first and which to use where can be a little bit confusing. So, below is a clear difference between some of the most trendy bags one can find out in the market currently. 

  • Tote Bag Nz A.K.A shopping bags

Tote bags have recently found themselves in a lot of limelight. From adults to kids, tote bags have become very trendy. One of the primary reasons for the same is the increase in personal items being carried around at any given point of time. From a laptop, makeup, wallet, phones to medications, and a lot more, there is an abundance of things to carry and tote bags provide the perfect space for it. They are large, convenient, and very durable. 

  • Satchel

A more professional looking bag when compared to Tote Bag Nz, Satchels are generally used in professional spaces like meetings and conference halls. The bag is equipped with multiple small pockets on the outside and a large, main, pocket in the middle used for things like laptops. They look very similar to laptop bags and go well with professional attire. If you are thinking of buying a bag that would go well with your work clothes, take a look at Satchels. The only downside of these bags is that they are not for all ambiances. Unlike tote bags, watches cannot be carried to places like parties or even used regularly. So, keep this in mind before investing in a satchel bag.

  • Hobo Bags

A medium-sized bag, generally, with one large zip, Hobo is a circular, crescent, shaped, and sold in numerous colors. They are easy to carry and very trendy. The material used to make these bags are not something that will keep them still when put down. Rather, Hobo bags tend to slouch. One can say that they are similar to tote bags to a certain extent but don’t provide large enough space. Hobo bags can be easily carried to schools, parties, and used regularly. You can put small items like your phone, wallet, a little bit of makeup in these bags. If you are confused about which bag to get, Hobo can be a safe bet. 

  • Clutch

Small, cute, and very stylish, Clutches are easy to carry but difficult to keep a track off. They are some of the most lost types of bags. Clutches are small handbags excellent for certain occasions like parties, weddings, seminars where you carry very minimum items like maybe a lipstick, some blush, your phone, and some cash. If there is an occasion coming up for which you need to buy a bag, choose a clutch. In general, A combination of clutch and hobo or clutch and tote bags are also used in a regular scenario.

  • Bowling Handbag

One of the classiest bags, a favorite among many models, fashionistas, influencers, bowling handbags is an absolute must in every woman’s closet. They are neither too big nor too small and have a wide strap that allows easy adjustment on to your arms. Small items like your phone, wallets, a little bit of makeup can be easily fit into these bags. They generally come with both a small exterior zip pocket and a large zip.

There are other kinds of bags too, like lady bags, doctor bags, and messenger bags. But above are some of the most common ones used by women. When seeking these, first understand why you need it. If it’s an event you need a bag for or just for daily use and choose accordingly. After all, they are going to be with you for quite some time, so you better get the right one.

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