Ways to Decorate Your Home with Houseplants

Plants can easily add beauty to your home decor and with a dash of green included in your house, it will turn more lively and you will, more importantly, breathe fresh air. Indoor plants are known to turn the oxygen levels up and have many more positive effects on your life. You will definitely get a good night’s sleep, will be able to work without stress, and your productivity will go up. But where to place these plants to avail their benefits and beautify the home at same time! Well, we are here with the best interior decorating ideas that will turn your house into something super awesome and cool. So, get ready for a green revitalized home.

Decorating With Plants

Hang the Plants

One of the most on-trend ways to add greenery to your house without consuming much space is by hanging the plants in your home. Make sure to choose some non-maintenance plants that you can water weekly and the plants that can sustain in different lighting conditions. Hang the plants on the balcony or in the living room using some vintage pots.

DIY Pots

Growing plants in beautiful vases is an amazing way to add charm to the home decor. You can easily create some DIY pots by following the Internet tutorials. Put your creativity and artistic hands and mind to use in designing some really cool pots. Place these on different parts of your house and your house will have a unique look.

Plants on Shelf

Placing the plants on a shelf is a good idea if you want to save space. Make a mini shelf garden in the bright spot of your house and place the different plants on the shelf. You will be easily able to maintain and look after the plants as well. Place the shelf in the bedroom to remove harmful toxins from the air so that you sleep well.

Kitchen Garden

Greenery can make a common kitchen look fascinating. You can have a go at making little gardens for spices and succulents. Obviously, cooking with fresh herbs and spices from your little kitchen nursery is amazing and will do wonders in your food products. Hanging the fresh natural plants and herbs in your kitchen embellishes the space as well as add freshness to your cooking. You can plant some easy to grow vegetables as well.

Plant at Small Corners

You can decorate the small corners of the house by placing plants like Areca Palm, Spider plant, Snake plant, etc. The floor and the corner spaces will look aesthetically pleasant with the addition of plants. Similarly, you can place the plants on small desks and tables to surround yourself with plants everywhere in your house.

So, these were the different ways to decorate your home with beautiful green plants. Hope you find it useful. Along with plants, you can put some flowers like red rose flower bouquet or any other floral arrangement in your house. Happy planting! Happy decorating!

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