Creative Ideas to Use Your Artificial Grass Cut Offs!

Creative Ideas to Use Your Artificial Grass Cut Offs!

You probably had your entire landscape redone! If you are someone who follows the recent trends carefully, it’s natural that you would have used artificial grass for the décor in some part or the other. And sometimes this grass is cut according to the precise shape of the surface or area where it is going to be installed. Naturally, you will have a lot of cut off pieces after this task. And they are just so pretty looking and of good quality that you can’t bring yourself to throw them out. Well, we have some ideas — instead of throwing it away, you can always reuse it creatively!

Artificial Grass Offcuts

Artificial grass from Unreal Lawns comes in excellent quality. These look fabulous and can be used to adorn any kind of space in your home. What’s more? You can even use smaller pieces of these. How? Keep reading to know about the most creative ways to use the cut offs of the artificial grass in your home.

  • Outdoor upholstery furniture — Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? You will obviously need a sofa or chair to relax on! Why not transform your old sofa and chair creatively by adding upholstery of artificial grass on it? It would complement your outdoors perfectly and provide you a nice relaxing seating as well.
  • The green grass as doormats —Doesn’t matter if the cut off of the artificial grass is of rectangular, square, or oval shape, you can use it as doormats. These stay firm on the ground where they are placed, look charming and even absorb the dirt coming from outside.
  • Mini rugs — You could add these as your bedside rug or as a rug around a recliner or lounger. These will comfort your feet while you relax here and even provide a charming character to your interiors.
  • Adorn your stairs — If there are many pieces of artificial grass, use up as your stair-runner. They are most suitable for the stairs as they are thick, firm, and non- slippery. And the beauty of these on your stairs is certainly a brownie point that you just can’t resist (not to forget the plush comfort to your feet and safety from a fall).
  • Best for pet homes — If you are worried that your pets are spending lots of time on the cold, hard floor, then use artificial grass cut off pieces to provide them a relaxing carpet. These are warm and plush — and as these are washable, you can clean them if your pet pees or poops on it.
  • Sell it — Today, nothing is wasted. Even if you aren’t using the cut off pieces of the artificial grass in your home anymore, you can always sell them and get some money in return. There are a lot of recyclers and sellers who’ll love to buy these off your hands at low rates.
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Artificial grasses are fabulous products! When they are used in your property, they add life to the area. And when you are done with them, they can still be refurbished or resold! Total win-win!