Could This £7.99 Piece Of Plastic Save You A Fortune On Razors?

Could This £7.99 Piece Of Plastic Save You A Fortune On Razors?

Have you heard of a Stroppymoo? Nope I hadn’t either, until recently. Basically the Stroppymoo is a genius piece of kit which costs a mere and is supposed to save you a small fortune on razors.You see, years ago barbers would “strop” their razors on leather straps to help clean and maintain the effectiveness of the blade and the Stroppymoo recreates this for the modern age. Apparently razor blade manufacturers are working at making us think our blades are dull when according to the people at Stroppymoo they are actually just dirty. Did you know razors and their replacement blades are some of the most shoplifted items in supermarkets? The price of some of these products is mind boggling and evened out over a year or even a lifetime amounts to a small fortune. Research from Stroppymoo suggests that production costs for a cartridge blade is around 5 cents but you can pay around £4 for one razor blade in supermarkets and chemists. This wonder is said to save consumers on average 60% on their razor spend per year which works out at a hefty  per year!

So how does it work? The Stroppymoo can be stuck (without glue etc.) to your shower screen, bath or tiles etc. then you simply lubricate the Stroppymoo and first push your razor across the wavy lines, followed by the smooth portion and repeat a few times. Each, minimally packaged Stroppymoo, comes with full instructions but it seems simple enough. The device cleans the blade by pushing the microscopic dirt to the edge of the blade, preventing oxidisation and leaving a sharp edge.I’ve yet to try it but I have the Stroppymoo* (which I was kindly sent to review) all lined up in my bathroom and I’ll be giving it a thorough trial over the space of the next month or so and I will most certainly be keeping you updated.I’d love to know if you have tried out this product or just your general thoughts.You out more about sign

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