Comment policy

When I hit that publish button on a blog post, I’m starting a conversation and hope anyone who wants to take part joins in. But here are a few quick guidelines to stick to:

  • This is my blog and as such I express my opinions here, you might not agree with my opinions but that’s fine. That’s your opinion. Everyone is very welcome to their opinion, you included.
  •  If you wouldn’t say it in front of the queen/your mother/the pope/Martha Stewart then please don’t write it on my blog. No name slanging, mud slinging, attacks, personal insults, evidence of illegal behaviour or aggressive behaviour directed at site owners, publishers, writers, advertisers or anyone else – these types of comments will be removed.
  • Friendly and engaging debates are fun (I welcome them with open arms), however drawn-out arguments and bullying are not. I reserve the right to close comments where I feel necessary to keep a friendly place, and will remove comments which I consider to be inappropriate for any reason, without prior warning or explanation.
  • Repeat offenders may be blocked from commenting on future posts.

All spam will be removed.