Comfort Intense Conditioner Softener

Comfort Intense Conditioner Softener

Living through the complete transformation of your home, the place you long to be and crave comfort from is a pretty intense feeling. Your body is taut and your mind fraught, your precious den is being battered and bruised and you yourself are covered in filthy plaster dust. It is amazing when you’ve gone through a renovation or decoration project in your home, how fresh and new your house itself can feel whilst the stuff in it feels old and tired and in need of a fresh new lease of life. In order to restore a fresh and clean feeling, we have been painting, sanding, wiping and cleaning and I’ve been using Comfort Intense* on our clothes and soft furnishings to give them a lasting pop of freshness. Through all the madness of renovating the one thing, I stuck firm to was having clean and nice smelling clothes and bed linen. Everything else fell by the wayside as we sat in one room, covered in brick and plaster dust but our sanctuary at the end of an intense day of being told we need to spend an extra £5,000 to stop our spare room falling into the kitchen or smashing up old bathrooms, was our clean and fresh smelling bed. How my body longed for that bed at the end of those cold, filthy days.

Things have settled down with the renovation for now (apart from those tins of paint I trip over on the way to the loo in the middle of the night) but in the midst of our rubble-filled garden (we will be fixing that up next year after some further work to the side of our house) I still get immense pleasure from hanging my washing out on the line to dry and a fresh scent is part of it. In amongst something so ordinary there are small pleasures to be found, clothes and bedsheets fresh from the line, folded neatly and smelling divine is definitely one of them.

The scent is often a sense we push to one side and forget but it is so important and is an intense part of our connection with the outside world both in terms of memory and feeling good about our surroundings. Always the homebody, I remember the fabric softener my mother used, because I would snuggle into my blankets and revel in the cozy, fresh scent of home whilst homesick in my first few weeks away at university.  Last night well over a decade on, tucked up under my freshly laundered duvet cover I was transported back to hanging my freshly washed sheets on the line, the rare beams of sunshine on my face as the blue skies reigned overhead. To me the scent of my bed needs to be intensely cozy, fresh and clean – plainly it needs to smell like home, it always has.

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Residents of this rain-soaked corner of the UK will be happy to know you can pick up the pleasures of a warm day with washing blowing happily on the line in a bottle of Comfort Intense because let’s face it – sometimes the washing line isn’t an option for weeks on end and we’d all like a bit of laundry freshness on the greyest of days. My favorite scent from the range so far, for this usually rain-sodden Manchester garden, has to be Comfort Intense Sunburst. The scent lasts really well despite only needing to pop a small amount of the product (from a dinky sized bottle which contains 64 doses, perfect for our tiny terraced house) into the drawer and whilst not overwhelming and pungent the scent is noticeable without having to push your face into the fabric. I’ll be letting you know how I feel about the rest of the range as I plough on through the rest of that pile of laundry (will I ever see the bottom of that pile?) and renovation bruised soft furnishings.

Now excuse me whilst I get back under that duvet of mine, I’ll just move those tins of paint from the bedroom first.

Comfort Intense is a new fabric conditioner from the UK’s number 1  fabric conditioner brand. This next-generation fabric conditioner is specially formulated to give you intense freshness out of the wash, intense freshness out of the wardrobe and intense freshness that lasts and lasts. From one tiny dose!