Mistakes to avoid while cleaning your upholstery furniture

Mistakes to avoid while cleaning your upholstery furniture

Upholstery furniture is something which everybody in Florida likes to invest their money in. They make your home look stylish and welcoming to all. Aside from having one at your home, maintenance of the upholstery furniture is essential. And for the same, regular upholstery cleaning in Cocoa is necessary. However, while cleaning, we tend to make a few mistakes which can cost us repairs and maintenance at a later time.

What to avoid?

Most people are fond of upholstery furniture, but they have a tough time handling the responsibility that comes along with it. These are few things you will have to avoid while cleaning your upholstery furniture:

  • Keep your manual safe

Every piece of furniture or equipment we buy will have a manual, in which we can find details about the material and how to handle it etc. And when you get the upholstery furniture manual, keep it safe as it might be helpful for you while cleaning. 

  • Try not to scrub the fabric

Most of us tend to scrub and clean things to make them look shiny. But scrubbing the upholstery fabrics can damage the fabric. And you will have to spend money on the same. So try not to scrub the furniture but try using an absorbent cloth instead. This will help in absorbing the dirt and cleaning it effectively.

  • Steam clean the furniture

Sometimes the stains on the upholstery furniture are a challenge to clean, especially by the regular cleaning method. But steam cleaning will help in cleaning the dirt on the armrests effectively. But then again, do not use steam cleaning on upholstery furniture made of silk.

  • Do not use plain water
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Some of us, while cleaning the furniture, tend to use plain water. But this can create blotches or spots which cannot be removed. Try using rubbing alcohol spray; this will help you clean the furniture better and prevent spots or blotches.

  • Use the right vacuum tools

 The vacuum cleaner comes with different attachments for different purposes, and for cleaning upholstery furniture, you have a specific tool. And you should ensure that you use the right tool for the same. Else it can damage the fabric of the furniture.

  • Use fabric protectors wisely

Most of us use fabric protectors to make the upholstery fabric look mess-free. But too much of anything is harmful. If you spray the fabric protectors too much, it can wear off the fabric. So avoid using the same too often.


Overall, clean your upholstery wisely and keep them safe and protected for years. Try using soft liquids, and do not scrub the surface clean with the cloth. Ensure that you use the fabric protectors very little and finally maintain your upholstery furniture and keep it new and shiny.