Christmas Music For Yoooooouuuuooooohhhh!

Christmas Music For Yoooooouuuuooooohhhh!

Yup, I Mariah-ed the title. I don’t know about you but Christmas music is a huge part of my Christmas memories. Certain songs bring back instant memories and hearing the first ‘organic’ radio play of Last Christmas scores a loud ‘wahey’ from my lungs year after year. For the last few years, come December I’ve been playing festive tunes through the house via YouTube so I thought I’d put together a playlist or two to make it that bit easier.

Epic Christmas Playlist

All my favourite classic chart songs from years gone by. I have a number of Christmas CDs but not one of them has all of the songs together, so this is the perfect solution. This year it will be forever looping in the background whilst I tap away on my laptop.

Carols and Hymns

I love tat and kitsch however the reason for the season is never far from my mind. These carols warm my heart every time I hear them and more often than not they send a shiver down my spine. I hope you enjoy them! What is your favourite Christmas song?

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