Catwalk Style on a Budget

Catwalk Style on a Budget

Do you read Heat or Heatworld? Well if you don’t dash over there now and read my article on catwalk 2011 styles on a budget.  I’m an avid reader of Vogue, Elle and Lula and can be found lusting over the catwalk styles that are akin to art for me. Like Carrie Bradshaw, they feed me (but so do burgers –  pah). Sadly, what with currently being a chubster there’s not much that I can fit into from the catwalk but I do like to put a plus size and thrifty twist on current trends. I’m fat but I’m still wearing (baggy and longer than the average) crop tops, I’m teaming them with high waisted, flared jeans and a body (yes, I know, I know, the body is back – argh! – but I was too young to wear them the last time round so I’m allowed to wear them now, I think that’s the rule?) No skin exposed!

Another trend that is easy to replicate with charity shop finds is colour blocking. Jen from A Little Bird Told Me did a great post about the colour blocking trend if you’re worried about how to wear it have a looksee. Charity shops are full of block colours for well under a fiver. It’s easier to experiment with the look if you’re not breaking the bank. Try coloured tights, bright nail varnish from budget cosmetic lines such as Barry M, Me, Me, Me or Rimmel. Found a white blazer or skirt on the cheap? Dye it! Using dye really isn’t as scary as it sounds. Honestly. No, stop shaking your head, it really isn’t hard at all. Honest, honest, honest. I use Dylon and it has always been pain free.
My mother always said it was attention seeking to wear pillar box red but these days I’m not sure anyone would notice unless you’re actually dressed as said pillar box. Try it.

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What has been your favourite charity shop clothes or accessory find so far this year?

P.S. Mwah, go on, have a little kiss from moi. A sloppy one at that.