September 2015 Goals (Personal/Home/Finance)

september 2015 goals

Here comes the second month of me sharing my goal, my September goals. You can catch up on my August goals here and I updated them yesterday here – to let you know how I got on. September 2015 Goals Personal – Use weights I have a set of small weights which are gathering dust […]

Don’t buy a scanner, get a free scanner app!

free scanner app

A few months back I decided having close to eighty (yep) recipe books was beyond daft, especially because I only use about a quarter of them with anything even resembling regularity. So I decided to sell and donate the ones I didn’t want (it’s bizarre how much people will pay for a well used Nigella book) and […]

Blackout nights are back

blackout nights

Last year we started our blackout nights here at Thrifty Towers (read more here) but then we ended up ripping our house to pieces and it went out of the window for a while. Now we have a more stable environment to live in, we have decided to re-implement (is that a word?) blackout nights. […]

Thrifty Gift Guide £5 – £10 #12DaysofThriftmas

Thrifty gift guide £5 - £10

On Wednesday I brought you my thrifty gift guide for items over £10 (check it out here), today is the turn of items priced over £5 and up to £10. I’ve tried to feature items from both high street shops and hand crafted items and small businesses from the UK. Thrifty Gift Guide £5 – £10 […]

If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down


Water meters are creeping into homes with a tidal like surge, we have one here at Thrifty Towers and apparently most houses will be fitted with one going forward. There are myriad ways one can save water at home and cut down on water bills but this particular way is seen as fairly extreme to […]