Happy 3rd Birthday Jarvis

happy birthday jarvis

Stick with me a second whilst I indulge myself in a spot of fawning over a seven pound dog. You see dogs in our house aren’t just smelly beasts you take for a walk every morning but they are family. Jarvis is our first poochy pal and today is his birthday. He turns a grand […]

Meet Lionel Puppy


  Meet our tiny new pup Lionel, who joined us here at Thrifty Towers just over a week ago. Lionel puppy, is 12 weeks old and fluffy little ball of fun. He’s as stubborn as muck and one of the naughtiest little scamps I have ever come across but he has certainly brightened our lives. If […]

We told our children there is no Santa #12DaysofThriftmas

we told our children there is no santa

Today I bring you my second interview and the 4th post in my 12 Days of Thriftmas series. Bio: Amy and Steve live in Manchester with their three teenage children Peter, David and Ruth. Steve is a telecoms engineer and Amy is a primary school teacher. I join Amy and Steve at their home on […]

SPOTTED: £1 Disney Frozen Merchandise | Thrifty Gift Idea

cheap frozen MERCHANDISE

If you know a small person with an obsession for the film Frozen, then you can’t go far wrong in nipping down to Poundworld to see their range of Disney Frozen merchandise. I nipped into my local store over the weekend to pick up some lip balm but stumbled across a huge Frozen display right […]

Mid-week pick-me-up

black and tan yorkie.jpg

I don’t know if it’s that double maths after double science feeling but Wednesday always gives me a bit of a ‘meh… meeeehhhh, pfft’ feeling, yeah you know the one. The weekend has long since passed and the coming weekend still seems so far away. Sod you Wednesday. So as a mini boost clap your […]