Thrifty Gift Guide £5 and under!

thrifty christmas gift guide under £5

Today I’m bringing you a range of lovely gifts which come in at a max of £5 – a great many at well under! You can also check out my £10+ gift guide here and my £5 – 10 gift guide here. I aim to share a great mixture of small business, hand made and […]

Thrifty Gift Guide £5 – £10 #12DaysofThriftmas

Thrifty gift guide £5 - £10

On Wednesday I brought you my thrifty gift guide for items over £10 (check it out here), today is the turn of items priced over £5 and up to £10. I’ve tried to feature items from both high street shops and hand crafted items and small businesses from the UK. Thrifty Gift Guide £5 – £10 […]

Thrifty Gift Guide £10+ #12DaysofThriftmas

thrifty gift guide £10+

Here comes my thrifty gift guides for Christmas 2014! First up, gifts £10 upwards, keep your eyes peeled as I’ll also be bringing you a gift guide for £5-£10 and and an under £5 Christmas gift guide too! I’m sharing some items available on the high street but importantly I am sharing creative creations some […]

12 things I always buy in the post Christmas sales #12DaysofThriftmas

clearance sale sign

In my opinion the post Christmas sales rise up and surpass every sale across the year, at least for the following items. It’s a rare occasion I’ll buy much for Christmas after January has passed. 1. Wrapping paper I’ll be damned if I’m paying through the nose for festive gift wrap! Nope, I’m happy to […]

16 Christmas traditions which cost little or nothing #12DaysofThriftmas

CHEAP christmas traditions

1. Christmas Eve movie One of my most simple joys is to plot out the best Christmas movies available on TV, then bunker down under some blankets with some home popped popcorn. Blissful. 2. Writing a letter to Father Christmas This sweet tradition goes back years and can be as simple or elaborate as you […]