Vintage Pantry Makeover (before and after)

vintage pantry make over

Remember when I shared our vintage pantry a couple of weeks back? Well here she is now, freshly painted and living in our dining room. She still needs a few tweaks (I will be replacing the clear glass to match the one solitary pane of vintage glass and lining the inside with oil cloth when […]

The Vintage Kitchen Pantry Unit

vintage kitchen pantry makeover

It has been a long term dream of mine to have a vintage kitchen pantry unit in my possession but until now we have been without the space to house it in our previous pokey flats and houses. So with a little more room in the new Thrifty Towers, when one popped up at a […]

The Vintage Sink Saga


Before our renovation began came a few months of researching and sourcing the fixtures and fittings we would need to create our home. One thing we picked out was a vintage sink for our bathroom, from an architectural salvage yard. We adored the shape, the logo and the beautiful taps and although it didn’t actually […]

5 ways to reuse dryer sheets + one more tip

ways to reuse dryer sheets

I can’t ever remember having bought dryer sheets and yet there they are in my utility room and I’ve refused to use them for years and years because they seem so wasteful. That is until my friend Andrea told me about the ways she reuses them after they’ve had a spin in her tumble dryer. […]

INSITU Architectural Salvage (omgsoamazing)

INSITU Architectural Salvage Manchester

Yesterday Mr Thrifty and I popped down to a salvage yard in Manchester, specifically INSITU Architectural Salvage which is less of a yard and more of a fantastic old building stuffed full of beautiful bits and bobs and helpful staff. We’re at the stage of our renovation where we need to start thinking about the […]