What’s in season in January?

in season in january?

January is here along with another fresh stab at healthy living huh? Eating seasonally is best for pocket, waistline and the planet so what’s in season in January? Vegetables Swede Kale Horseradish Forced rhubarb Cabbage Parsnip Jerusalem artichoke Celeriac Cauliflower Turnip Potatoes Brussels Sprouts Leeks Celery Wild mushrooms Shallots Chicory Fruit and Nuts Seville oranges […]

Free Meal Plan Printables

Meal planning and budgeting are made easy with an organised system. Here at Thrifty Towers we use either a white board or free printable meal planner sheets. Here’s my selection of the seven best free printable meal planning sheets. 1. via Becoming Adorable 2. via LiveCraftEat – lots of colour choices! 3. via Craft and Creativity […]

Getting started with meal planning – day 10 | 15 DAYS TO AN ORGANISED NEW YOU

Meal planning seems to divide people. Some folk think it is for boring people who can’t live spontaneously and some love the weird sense of satisfaction and freedom they get from knowing supper is planned. As you may have guessed I’m in that second group. I feel our household works better when we stick to […]

Why meal planning isn’t just for boring bitches

So you want to save money? You want to stop spending on takeaways, eating out or buying ready meals? Want to claw back a bit of cash and lead a smoother life? Well you need meal planning. Yes, yes, I know – surely meal planning is only for boring bitches with too much time on […]

Meal Planning 101

I love meal planning. I’m a hardcore, nail my colours to the wall meal planner and I always will be. I get a lot of tweets, emails and comments asking me how I make meal planning work for me and my husband. Here’s how we make it work. I must stress that this is how […]