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A few months back I decided having close to eighty (yep) recipe books was beyond daft, especially because I only use about a quarter of them with anything even resembling regularity. So I decided to sell and donate the ones I didn’t want (it’s bizarre how much people will pay for a well used Nigella book) and […]

Pungent Canals, Care Bears and Intense Freshness | Sponsored Post

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[SPONSORED POST] Over the weekend I was out to lunch with my friend and we found ourselves sitting in an intensely stinky pub beer garden. You see the pub backs on to the canal and the aroma springing forth from said canal on a very hot day was pungent. This particular breed of pungent, was […]

Getting Intense with Comfort Intense | Sponsored Post

getting intense with comfort

[THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY Comfort Intense] Living through the complete transformation of your home, the place you long to be and crave comfort from is a pretty intense feeling. Your body is taut and your mind fraught, your precious den is being battered and bruised and you yourself are covered in filthy plaster dust. […]

Wooly Tumblers Dryer Balls

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It’s only very recently that we’ve had a tumble dryer and whilst we don’t use it each and every time we do laundry, it does get used on a regular basis because we live in the North West of England, a very wet region of the United Kingdom, and I don’t want wet clothes hanging […]

If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down


Water meters are creeping into homes with a tidal like surge, we have one here at Thrifty Towers and apparently most houses will be fitted with one going forward. There are myriad ways one can save water at home and cut down on water bills but this particular way is seen as fairly extreme to […]