Baileys Vs Aldi and Lidl Alternatives

Baileys v aldi and lidl alternatives

Baileys Irish Cream is a Christmas booze staple for many of us but there are a couple of purse friendly alternatives worth trying namely those from budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl but which of the three is nicest? I invited 3 of my fellow Baileys loving friends round to taste test in my kitchen. All […]

It’s Blackberry Season


Usually in this corner of England, blackberry season is a few weeks later but here they are cropping up left, right and centre in Greater Manchester, we even spotted some at the end of July! Dog walks around these parts now feature a clean carrier bag (the bag bed comes in is very handy) or […]

Homemade Sun-dried Chillies

sun dried chillies

  Recently I picked up a huge, great, big bag of green chillies reduced (25p for about 70 chillies) in the supermarket. When I got them home I plucked them from their sweaty plastic bag, gave them a wash, dried them well with a tea towel and set them out on a couple of plates. […]

What’s in season in January?

in season in january?

January is here along with another fresh stab at healthy living huh? Eating seasonally is best for pocket, waistline and the planet so what’s in season in January? Vegetables Swede Kale Horseradish Forced rhubarb Cabbage Parsnip Jerusalem artichoke Celeriac Cauliflower Turnip Potatoes Brussels Sprouts Leeks Celery Wild mushrooms Shallots Chicory Fruit and Nuts Seville oranges […]

What’s in Season in December?

whats in season in december uk

A month so often thought of as a cold and bleak, yet food-based brings us far more than one might expect in seasonal food. What’s in Season in December? Cranberries Apples Beetroot Parsnips Clementines Pears Turnip Sweet Potatoes Leeks Swede Kale Artichokes Chicory Celery Celeriac Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Potatoes Which is your favourite food in […]