3 Lists I Make Daily

daily lists

I have a theory; you’re either a list maker or you aren’t. A bit like loving or hating Marmite, we neither camps will ever fully understand each other. I’ll nail my colours to the mast right here and now by telling you I am a confirmed, fully paid up member of the list making camp […]

Martha Stewart Home Office – Discounted

We’re moving house. Actually scratch that, we’re saving up to move house. We’re saving for a deposit for a house which is going to take some time, some cut backs and some organisation but it is something we’re really excited about. In the few short months we’ve been seriously saving we’ve discovered we need to […]

Go forth and label!

Are you like us lot here at Thrifty Towers with what feels like never ending bank after bank of multi-plugs for your electrical goods? When faced by a row of neat black plugs do you think ‘oh gosh, what if I pull out the wrong one?’ We all know that feeling well. The solution is […]

One Drawer, One Day

Winter is hanging on in pretty tight in this particular corner of England and yet I still feel the need to throw open the windows and doors to invite (the seemingly non-existent) spring in. It must be that time of year no matter what the weather says. I’m overcome with the need to scrub, purge […]

Free Printable Labels

Over the past few months I’ve been posting links to my favourite free printable finds, it started out with free Christmas printables, followed by free 2013 calendars, then free Valentine’s day printables and last but not least free Easter cards. I know a lot of you are in the swing of organising and spring cleaning your […]