Tengi Review (FREE messaging app with prizes)

tengi review

“Download Tengi” my friend Amelia said “it’s like Whatsapp (our main method of communication) but you can win money.” Tengi Review To say I was sceptical was an understatement but I did a bit of Googling and couldn’t see any evidence of it being a scam so decided to take the plunge. Tengi is a […]

Wallapop – The Online Flea Market in your Pocket | Sponsored Post

wallapop review

Selling online can be a bit of a minefield, with new sites and apps appearing what feels like everyday. Wallapop is a bit different to the rest of these sites because the emphasis of this app is to buy and sell locally. Selling or buying locally takes away the issue of postage or travelling huge distances to […]

What is Depop?


If you’ve been knocking around social media during the past few months you may well have seen Depop mentioned and thought the names of modern bands had finally gone from strange to truly err…crap. But fear ye not Depop is not the spawn of the latest reality TV music competition but rather a method for […]

How to save money with your social media accounts


It seems like everyone has a social media presence these days but Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr (I could go on all day) aren’t just about networking or letting your friends know about the sandwich you had for lunch. Your social media accounts could save you money! How to save money with social media Only […]

Free eBay Listing Easter Weekend 2014

free ebay listing

Welcome in the 4 day weekend with giddy glee because not only do we have a lovely restful period but also the chance to declutter and flog some of your junk! This post is thanks to one of my favourite blogs From Aldi to Harrods (so make sure you go and have a looksee because […]