Are you secretly thrifty?

secretly thrifty

It seems those of us with thrifty leanings fall into two camps – those who are happy to shout about the merits of a thrifty lifestyle, and those who would rather die than tell people about their money savvy ways. I can kind of understand hiding it and not wanting people to know you hunt […]

If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down


Water meters are creeping into homes with a tidal like surge, we have one here at Thrifty Towers and apparently most houses will be fitted with one going forward. There are myriad ways one can save water at home and cut down on water bills but this particular way is seen as fairly extreme to […]

Black Friday UK Deals 2014


Okie Dokie, so Black Friday has landed upon these fair shores and it is time to hunt out a bargain. Please do read my Thrifty Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK post, for lots of tips and tricks for saving extra money and also to prevent any nasty little mistakes. Always remember, […]

Thrifty Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK

black friday and cyber monday tips

Despite no Thanksgiving here in the UK, Black Friday has taken off with great steam over the last few years and Cyber Monday is proving to be hugely popular too. Whilst a great discount on the right items can be fantastic, these huge sales events aren’t everything they seem. I’m sharing my tips below. Thrifty […]

How often do you eat meat?

how often do you eat meat

It’s no secret meat is an expensive food item but have you asked yourself ‘how often do I eat meat?’ It’s a question worth asking if you’re struggling with your food budget. Here at Thrifty Towers we are confirmed meat lovers but in a bid keep our food costs low we don’t eat meat for […]