Developing a colour palette for your home without spending a fortune | Sponsored Post

colour palette for your home

  As many of you will know, we started a complete home renovation process last autumn. Toward the end, it involved every single wall of our house being totally re-plastered, leaving us with rather a blank canvas to decorate. Filling a plaster-pink home with colour is an exciting but daunting process. We wanted to get […]

How to stay warm in bed

how to stay warm in bed

Hopping into bed at night can reveal the true lack of warmth in the air. Not all of us want to sleep with the heating on and more importantly, few of us can afford to. Here are a few simple tips for keeping warm at bedtime. How to stay warm in bed 1. Switch for a […]

5 ways to reuse dryer sheets + one more tip

ways to reuse dryer sheets

I can’t ever remember having bought dryer sheets and yet there they are in my utility room and I’ve refused to use them for years and years because they seem so wasteful. That is until my friend Andrea told me about the ways she reuses them after they’ve had a spin in her tumble dryer. […]

Defuzzing on a budget

how to defuzz on a tight budget

If you want that fuzz-free feeling it’s going to cost you but here are a few tips to achieve that silky smooth, hair free look and feel (most of the time) without spending a fortune. Defuzzing on a budget MEN’S PRODUCTS Unless there is a mega offer or I have a coupon, I buy men’s […]

Thrifty Gift Ideas: Framed Print (£1.50)


  Thrifty Gift Idea Would you believe I picked up these white frames in Poundland? They are pretty much identical to frames I saw in a mid-range home ware shop for £15-17. Normally I’d pick up something like this, in a dodgy colour, from a charity shop and then spend extra to spray paint it […]