Wooly Tumblers Dryer Balls

wooly tumblers review

It’s only very recently that we’ve had a tumble dryer and whilst we don’t use it each and every time we do laundry, it does get used on a regular basis because we live in the North West of England, a very wet region of the United Kingdom, and I don’t want wet clothes hanging […]

Levenshulme Antiques Village Review

levenshulme antiques village

A few houses back we lived in Levenshulme, and I only managed to visit the Levenshulme Antiques Village twice (for shame, I know). Both times I had a hangover, walked into the huge building on Stockport Road, saw some stuffy looking furniture and promptly left in search of vodka soaking carbs. Levenshulme Antiques Village Review […]

Good Friday Bootsale


Good Friday played host to a damn fine bootsale near Stockport County Football Club’s ground and being the bootsalin’ types we took a drive over for a wander. Friday was blue skied, warm and beautiful and despite us arriving a little later than I would have liked (bank holiday lie ins, am I right?) the […]



I’m really sorry to do this to you but I’m about to make you really jealous*. This weekend I bought a Blockbusters board game in a charity shop for 50p. I know, right? This is up there with the day Mr Thrifty found Gazza! The Game and you all cried strong, salty tears. This game […]

Enid Blyton, I Love You

Thrifty Enid Blyton Books

I think it was last year the BBC screened a dramatisation of Enid Blyton’s life and immediately my friend phoned to say ‘DO NOT WATCH IT!’  Apparently old Enid didn’t come across too well in the programme and my friend was worried it would dent my pure and bliss filled love for Ms Blyton. I […]