Cleaning with Soda Crystals


Soda Crystals are a staple in my cleaning cupboard, they are cheap, effective and better for the planet than many other cleaning products as they are 100% biodegradable. Here are my top thrifty tips for cleaning with soda crystals. 1. Clean drains and sinks Pop 3-4 tbsp of soda crystals down your plug holes (followed […]

What not to clean with vinegar

what you shouldn't clean with vinegar

Vinegar is a useful and thrifty product to have in your home for the purposes of cleaning but there are some items and surfaces which should not be cleaned with vinegar – What not to clean with vinegar Granite/Marble/Quartz The first thing the guy who fitted our quartz kitchen worktops said to me after I […]

Getting Intense with Comfort Intense | Sponsored Post

getting intense with comfort

[THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY Comfort Intense] Living through the complete transformation of your home, the place you long to be and crave comfort from is a pretty intense feeling. Your body is taut and your mind fraught, your precious den is being battered and bruised and you yourself are covered in filthy plaster dust. […]

5 ways to reuse dryer sheets + one more tip

ways to reuse dryer sheets

I can’t ever remember having bought dryer sheets and yet there they are in my utility room and I’ve refused to use them for years and years because they seem so wasteful. That is until my friend Andrea told me about the ways she reuses them after they’ve had a spin in her tumble dryer. […]

You’re using too much washing powder!

Are you using too much laundry powder?

Did you know you’re probably using too much washing powder, pet? Sure not by the manufacturer’s standards you’re not but did you know you really don’t need as much powder as the back of the packet states? In general, unless I’m washing whites or something really dirty like Mr Thrifty’s hockey kit then I use […]